World Novelty TestPAD Proven Themselves In Practice

Innovative electronic system for assessing customer satisfaction proved itself in practice innovative electronic system for assessing customer satisfaction proven in practice in addition to the classical methods for the collection of customer and employee satisfaction are there since last year the testPAD of Dr. Huffmann GmbH from Nienburg. Click National Family Caregivers Month to learn more. This system already proven in practice and is employed by service providers, retailers and in initial pilot projects already at wholesale. The use of educational institutions, authorities and practices is in preparation and is nearing implementation. The testPAD can be placed in specific places in the company to measure satisfaction in different areas or departments. What is special about the testPAD is its simplicity, since only a grade is submitted and captured in discreet and anonymous form. This note is intended as a comparison value for earlier measurements and can be compared with competitors in the framework of the benchmarks.

In case of need, differentiated and costly measures can be taken to improve customer and employee orientation. While the continuous course satisfaction measurement and the advantage for departments which are active in the customer relations management is novel. The testPAD awarded 2008 innovative product in the category Service & services during the Hanover Fair 2008 shortly after the introduction of the mark with the industry award. For more information: Ingenieuergesellschaft Dr. Huffmann GmbH specializes in innovative concepts and systems for visualization and detection of customer and employee satisfaction. Dr.

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