Writing Novels

An endearing need for the human spirit, is to involve others those things which belong to the experiences of everyone, not less ancient and explainable is the interest the man shows to know everything that happens to their peers and that complex world in which we live. With some reason, some of the most authoritative theorists of the novel, claim that this is the most complex literary manifestation developed by man over the centuries. The wealth of themes, styles and present in the novelistic techniques, requires those who aspire to enter in this tangled World of writing, the need to prepare with clear targets that prevent lost, limited in principle to the desire to begin and subsequently developed in that field with more experience and broad understanding as it relates to the phenomenon that represents the novel. The characteristic elements of this creative manifestation are: event, the characters and the environment, as it is logical to assume, the three are a close linking, and will be marked according to the style of the author, one can achieve greater development than others and even intentionally become predominant factor in the plot. To comply with this activity as Narrator, it is essential to take something we want and others can read, that detail is called event i.e. what happens within the writing, although he is called singular not necessarily everything tour in relation to a single event or problem. Since classical times, the destiny of every human being has been compared with an intricate skein of threads woven together with the also complex destination for those who share the existence in this spaceship called Earth. This condition of situations should be understandable for readers, many of which explores the story in an attempt to browse in that fictional world product of creation and imagination, which at the same time must present an appearance of true originality. The minds of those who have matured to the backrest of the years and experiences, leads to find more and better content within the extraordinary, with the wonderfully impossible that occurs at the level of daily events, seeks to find in novelistic literature which has the appearance of reality, consisting in the adventure of a spectator who contemplates, as if he could spy by the keyhole, everything what happens to the characters at times and spaces created with enormous capacity of Fableis at the mercy of those who interpret what is written, provide the connotation that this own vision that our universe gives us, with its nuances, colours and feelings, all thanks to the immense power that nature has given us the original author and source of the article

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