Remember that tinnitus is a sensation produced in one or both ears buzzing, you regret not thinking the worst because the tinnitus is not a disease or a disorder, in fact, is a symptom of an underlying disease that is found in your body, for example: high blood pressure the abnormal functioning of blood vessels that are in and around the ears a muscle disorder or disturbance near or in the ear canal The development of tumors in the middle ear well, much is spoken about the definitive treatment for the tinnitus, but scientists are yet to find a permanent cure for tinnitus. Many people usually choose to do any number of things that sometimes can be hazardous to your health, be much careful with treatments that you use for the tinnitus. I’ll give some recommendations before you begin with the tinnitus treatment: first of all you should consult as soon as possible with your doctor to start some kind of treatment. Drugs are not dangerous and many times do not have any side effect, unless you envelope – mediques. Homeopathic medicines are one of the preferred treatments, they have no side effects and you can manage them safely.

Now comes the best, I recommend this treatment which personally helped me a lot for my tinnitus: the Masquer: this is something that resembles a hearing device, makes a sound in the ear that helps you to hide the noise that causes tinnitus, there is also a device that is placed next to the bed that has the same effect but without being inside the ear. There are some very sophisticated masking that let you choose between 14 different sounds and change its parameters so that you can get the best effects of masking for your symptoms of hum. The masquer I have is very easy to use and master, although it is versatile enough as to meet a wide variety of symptoms of hum. Sounds include: noise white, Brown, blue, pink and Violet, Ocean, rain, wind, crickets, cicadas, radio static, of an aircraft cabin, fan noise and noise from air conditioner. You can select as many sounds of these as you like. There is no limit to the number of sounds you can have running at the same time.

The volume of each sound can be controlled individually, as well as its frequency and balance. Or you can send a sound to an ear, and another sound to the other ear to achieve the effect desired for your symptoms of tinnitus masking. You no longer have because more suffer with these annoying ringing in the ears, enjoy your life with this simple treatment. My name is Estephany Jaramillo, I have a page to help everyone with their tinnitus-tinnitus problem on that page may find treatment for the tinnitus information. To get much more information visit. I also want to recommend the book not more tinnitus, which helped me to eliminate the annoying buzzing in very little time, and not only to me but to many people around the world, so that you do not you will be the exception.

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