Many parts of the world currently suffer the increase of temperature, fire, heat, what reminds us especially in the months of summer, how sensitive is the natural balance and the impact of human activities on our environment. But stress, life hectic in cities, and the difficulties seem to have transported away from our true existence. Nature, animals, the elements are then exploited without any feeling. Wantonly we eat the flesh of animals that have lived his short life in cruel stables, Miss pesticides and seed handled to the fields to get the most benefit, emptied the seas of fish and hunt in the fields cruelly, filled the atmosphere of communication antennas and all contribute to this because we let ourselves be carried away by the influence of the media. It almost seems that man has ceased to exist as to be capable of thinking for himself. This is not perhaps the result of selfishness and insensibility of our hearts to our environment? Who is thus the cause of? does that currently affect us? Who lists in his life to people and to the kingdoms of nature, is in comunicacion with the life of the universe, then life, in its multiplicidad, will thank you by giving away in plenitud, and obsequiara to all those who go to the fountain of life. Who respects life, also known eterno home and already on Earth is living in the middle of paradise, because they serve the kingdoms of nature and the elements obey him. The four elements, fire, water, Earth and aire form the breathing of the Earth System.

If this regular rhythm is disturbed again and again by humans, with the tiempo over the entire body it will be alterado and seran influenced by both magnetic currents and magnetic fields of the Earth. Each change within the Earth and about her is for its part a change in humans, animals and plants and transforms incluso irradiation of minerals. Who intervenes in the laws COSMICAS and alter them, inevitably creates dissonance in all levels of life on Earth and the earth itself and since every pensamiento, every word and every act is energy and as no power is lost, both positiva as refusal then falls on the causante, or about the man and his soul.

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The Messenger

Here it is, the messenger of the fourth dimension, or rather, not he, and his projection onto a plane. Of course, the resulting drawing four-dimensional cube is arbitrary, it gives a distorted image of him. But the previous three-dimensional cube figure gives a distorted image of a cube normal to the plane. Read additional details here: IKEA. In fact, both have the same drawing nature: they show images of three-and four-dimensional cube with parallel projection onto a plane. The only difference is that we are able to “raise in space,” a flat image of three-dimensional cube effort of thought, and this ability to imagine a “four-Merieux,” we no longer possess.

Well, if you can not see a good four-dimensional cube in motion – try to expand it. Professor Roy Taylor brings even more insight to the discussion. How to expand it? To visualize the unfolding four-dimensional cube, you first look at the sweep of a three-dimensional and two-dimensional cubes. We see that the one-dimensional scan of the square and consists of four segments, two-dimensional scan of a cube consists of six squares. Similarly, scanning three-dimensional and four-dimensional cube consists of eight three-dimensional cubes..

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South America

The direct appeal from Clinton to Chavez and Morales, that they are the most limited intellectually; and the subliminal message to Lula, is due to that the Brazilian is losing connection with reality, turning to their roots extremists. Fame flustered, and stupidity is directly proportional to popularity. Lula is the mistress of Ajmadineyad that came out of the closet, but it is not the only one who feels attraction towards the Iranian. With the exception of the leaders of Colombia, Peru and Chile, which are clearly away from the bully character, other Americans do winks. Argentina, having been white of Jizbala, cooled its relations with Tehran, otherwise their ties would be different. Kirchner is the Bolivarian light version. The friends of my enemies are my enemies. Newcastle University has much experience in this field.

If South America brings to the ayatollahs, it is up to the free world, to be protected. Iran has medium-range missiles, and much light armament. The same that gives Hamas and Jizbala, will serve to arm communist militias. Please visit Preventive Medicine Research Institute if you seek more information. It is also expert in training guerrillas. There is no that Let yourself be circumvent by the Iranian affection toward South America. Their true goal is the conversion of native populations to Islam. Its political and economic support is a disguise to impose their religious conviction, as it is doing in the city of El Alto, adjacent to La Paz, where force Bolivian nurses to use Islamic attire (Jihab), in a tiny and mediocre hospital who donated. Make no mistake, Iran is an intolerant theocracy Western anti.

Its leaders think to settle in Latin America to attack the United States, allied with neo-Communists. The budget for defense of Brazil is 24 billion dollars; Venezuela 4,000 million and Bolivia 150 million. American spending is 660,000 million. No rational being should you deal with the superpower. But these are not rational.

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