Healing Properties

The sea salt has been known in the culinary as an indispensable ingredient to flavor foods mentioned in the Bible as a figure of comparison for those who can positively impact those around them. This is a mineral that was used from ancient times to heal wounds and preserve food. Mesothelioma symptoms brings even more insight to the discussion. Caldwell Esselystyn Jr. MDs opinions are not widely known. In fact, Hippocrates (who is considered the father of medicine) began research on the beneficial properties of sea salt to do its healing effects in the hands of fishermen. There is a place located between the border of Israel and Jordan known as the Dead Sea has characteristics that make it unique in the world. The Dead Sea is more like a lake that receives water from the Mediterranean and the Jordan River, but does not lead to anywhere else and is the only way to start the process of evaporation, which produces a high concentration of minerals and trace elements very important to maintain health and improve skin appearance. Dead Sea waters have been recognized since time ancients for its cosmetic properties, since it is said that Cleopatra took advantage of all their profits to maintain its beauty. Today, the Dead Sea is considered a rehabilitation place par excellence, endowed with natural beauty, and which contain therapeutic waters are composed of approximately 33% of salts that are not equal to those of any other sea, and it is this high salt concentration that makes no effort a person can float on it.

Each year thousands of people come to visit the Dead Sea to ease their illnesses and take advantage of its rejuvenating properties, and although this is not possible for most people in our body can receive full benefits through the sales made of the same and packaged for use. The interesting thing about these salts is that they are to take, but to use them through hydrotherapy. Just enough to dilute the Dead Sea Salts in water slightly warm at a comfortable temperature and do full body immersion or treatment area for 20 minutes (bath tub, hands, feet, elbows, to prepare towels, etc..), thereby receiving benefits through the pores of the skin and airways. For other purposes can also be mixed with a little olive oil to facilitate its implementation..

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World Health Organization

A perverts "fruits", carefully maintained example of entertainers, stars and film characters. And almost no one thinks that if we do not in the very near future, it will inevitably become sexless society, where the deviation is considered to be a man or a woman. Well, the next step of such a society – complete extinction! Due to lack of the required number of mentally and physically healthy individuals, capable to fill the "natural decrease" (as they call unnatural extinction of the nation's current policy). Even today, the human cost of causes, directly or indirectly associated with the consumption of beer, wine and vodka, hundreds of thousands a year! Even today, Ukraine (and Russia and Belarus are not far behind!) According to the World Health Organization has first place in the world of teenage alcohol consumption. Entire generations of brewers carefully grown unimpeded by advertising and the "celebration" of beer. And then, and Euro 2012, information which was sponsored by, as usual, are all leading spirits company What do I do? To begin with one simple thing – to spend New Year's Day without a drop of champagne, wine, beer and similar "drinks." Look for a reason and fortitude and break finally this shameful and dangerous, artificially imposed on us by brewers and distillers, "tradition." Reassure children, relatives and friends once and for all to reject the ritual of self-destruction! If we do not understand now, all groznost alcohol disaster, as well as your own (and not just the government!) responsible for drunk flood, then personal happiness can forget.

It will not be any in the coming year or in the future. Because we are all now on one, blind to the world "Island". In the alcohol-drenched country can not be truly happy: accidents, defective baby, a drunken bully, disease – all because it touches and you, dear reader, and me if we will continue to live by the principle of "none of my business edge ". Think: 70% of Ukrainian children first try alcohol (beer, wine) as a birthday or New Year's Eve from the hands of their parents! And 99% of drug addicts (Statistics of the International Academy of sobriety) began its way into the drug abyss with beer, wine, and only later appear illegal drugs (marijuana, heroin, etc.) Keep an illusion: can not deceive the child, telling him that "to drink – badly, and then supporting the use of alcohol on Sundays. You deceive only themselves. The only way to protect the future of their children from alcohol accident – it is absurd to break tradition. Submit a personal example: "I stopped drinking and choosing the absolute sobriety, because it is important, what can I do to save his family and homeland from destruction by drugs and alcohol! "You can do this, you just really want to understand that no accident, thousands of people have read this story right now. I sincerely wish you happiness, health and sobriety in the coming 2011 year!

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World Bank

They are carrying of attitudes of cooperation, values, traditions, vises of the reality, that are its proper identidade' '. 3,1 CAPITALS HUMAN, SOCIAL AND CULTURAL human Capital is the recognition of the importance of the people for development. The word key to produce human capital is education. To invest in education is to generate qualifications, abilities, to democratize the knowledge, creating conditions that greater makes possible productivity, economic growth, improves in the quality of life of the population, greater to be able of purchase and better performance of the organizations. Marshall (apud SHULTZ, 1973) affirms that ' ' the knowledge is the production engine most powerful, defending that the investments in the people must be extended in organizaes' '. Associates to the education exist other factors that collaborate for the formation of human capital, as health, organizacional climate, social benefits and access to the credit. Kliksberg bernardo (2003) if based on studies of the World Bank on 192 countries to affirm that 64% of the growth can be attributed to the human capital and to the capital stock. The people possess abilities, behaviors, personal energy and time that it are proper and they decide where they will apply these elements that form the human capital (DAVENPORT, 2001).

The education, either formal or informal, is the base for the creation of the human capital, is the fertilizer that makes to grow this capital. In accordance with Zapata (2006), the human development involves the dimensions economic, social, politician-institucional, cultural, technological, ambient and spiritual (ZAPATA, 2006), is a process that assures the magnifying of chances, creative potentialities and right of individual choices, providing the reduction of the existing inaqualities. For Zapata (2006) the sustainable community will be that one in which the life ways, the physical economy, structures and the technologies are not opposed to the intrinsic capacity of the nature to support the life.

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