Have you ever wondered why Brutus is strong all the time while Popeye has to eat spinach to be strong only momentarily? The secret brute force of both may be his love for olive oil. There are some foods which we classified as beneficial for your health, no matter what are your health goals. Olive oil is in this category. You’ve probably heard reports of health and vigor that have those who live according to the Mediterranean diet. Well, olive oil is one of the central axes of the Mediterranean cuisine. Olive oil, when eaten in moderation, can help you build muscle and lose fat. The benefits of oil of olive traditionally, when people lose weight also lose muscle mass. This is not only healthy, but it also makes slower metabolism.

Olive oil can counteract the loss of muscles frequently associated with weight loss, acting as an anti-catabolic agent. It works by keeping low the levels of the factor of necrosis of tumors that, in high levels, would lead to the accelerated collapse of the muscles. The proper proportions of the monounsaturated fat in olive oil are what make it an agent of health and maintenance of muscles. It is believed that the extra virgin olive oil provides a little more healthy power due to high levels of vitamin e. probably because you’ve heard of the many more benefits commonly commented of the fat moninsaturadas. These reduce many factors that lead to metabolic syndrome and reduce the risk of developing many cancers. Only the lower risk of heart disease is enough to make that olive oil is a common recommendation of doctors.

You should also know that olive oil is rich in nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin K. If that’s not enough, there are a variety of health factors such as oleic acid, polyphenols, squalene, and triterpenes in the olive oil. These help to keep your bones strong, the taking care of your skin, and your arteries clean. As a result, your blood pressure can be lowered and your pancreas and gallbladder can run better. So, if you want to see you more as a lover of olive oil, considered to have olive oil in your meals in a small container of condiments. You can use it in a variety of articles to add flavor and to have health benefits. It goes very well with salads and potatoes. Bread knows very well when immersed lightly in olive oil. Balsamic vinegar is an alternative to olive oil when you eat out. Just make sure to store your olive oil in an opaque container and not let it settle for a long time after preparing it.

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Babel Books Inc

We are at a time where we all have by objective walk more advanced than other previous generations. This is why that family values have been left adrift, and so many problems we face today in our society; where the constant struggle to overcome, the money, and progress make us forget a great detail that is family love. Today’s families have the primary objective of marching together with the political, educational, religious and communicative. We eat all our information around and not sometimes think that our family needs to be fed good family moments, of good manners that come being transmitted from generation to generation. Our roots are the more bearable, which we transmit to our children and they are at the same time, comfort us with the promise that someday will do the same.

As parents we have to respect the new generations, customs and needs of the time in which we are living; But if always give you that family toquesito: a good dinner together and then a desktop in which we share many anecdotes, jokes, and experiences of each family member. It is beautiful to also share a movie together and that we prosecute the perspective that we will be soon turning our home into a magical place where we leave out our live costume today; in order to enjoy a pleasant time with the beings that we love so much. There is nothing as a comment on reading a good book, increasing the reading in the family, facilitates dialogue, experiences and sense of many of the discussions. I recommend a book that is very interesting about family roots, where to read it will live in family for generation after generation. The book is edited by Babel Books Inc. title memories of family, author: Monica Barraco.

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