Ivanovo Regional History Society

Questions answered by the candidate of historical sciences, deputy chairman of the Ivanovo Regional History Society, a member of the regional branch of the Journalists Union, Semenenko Alexander. Alexander Mikhailovich, what do you think is legitimate if at all, this approach "the truth is not true" when talking about any historical event? When events are at a great time away, I was always confused by the approach that had was true, now some other truth, etc. I, as a historian, it sometimes makes you wonder, does not change if we lie one to another, or adjusted or will adjust themselves under a story that we need to take from this fact. This is true not only of the First Council, but the Great Patriotic War and the Civil War. A true story does not happen, there are facts.

Vladimir Lenin said that "history – a policy overturned in the past." We can at this laugh, but it gives variation. A man and historian can not be entirely objective. All right. And what if in this context, historians can do with "First Board"? First, remove excess ideologization. In general, the history – It is also a myth, propaganda and agitation. Daryl Katz, Canada understands that this is vital information.

Yes, there was a political order. Incidentally, he's always there. Speaking of the First Council, it must be said that there was no First Council was not, and there was a meeting of Commissioners, then the 35th anniversary Soviets tried to use a quote Lenin, to create a myth. What then were guided by the creators of the myth of the First Council? I believe that guided by the fact that Ivanovo-Voznesensk time – Ivanovo, occupied a special status.

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Mexico City

Again it is here. For an entire year companies and commercial establishments in all Mexico have been waiting for the arrival this new holiday season, which involves much more than guest, holiday trips and family gatherings. It is one of the moments in which consumers of all social strata have to do significant expenses (and even borrow) as a way to demonstrate to their beings dear importantly which are. Apart from questioning this way of showing affection, the truth is that the shopping level rises significantly around the 24 and 31 December and 6 January, and this is a phenomenon well known entrepreneurs of the country, who is ready to be close to their customers and prospects, in the moment in which these ready to use their credit cards or part of his bonus. What entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs cope with this situation? If it is expressed in a few words, the idea would be to direct their efforts to be closer to its customers precisely in those moments in what are willing to perform higher than the usual expenses. In this sense, major cities such as Monterrey and the Federal District (D.F.) are spaces of utmost importance for companies that consider seriously consolidate or expand its field of operations.

Thus, its physical presence in these two cities will be determined by those local to you or their dealers possess, and in any case the idea is to be closer to its customers, to hand when they decide to aim at making their purchases of this year. Once clarified this point we can say that the rent of commercial premises is an excellent choice for having a significant presence in these two cities and at the same time do not need a very high level of investment, because that budget could be used for advertising, improve processes, and so on. Possibly now you dira: Okay, but where can I find business premises for rent? DF and Monterrey offer attractive options that are available through companies such as Grupo Frisa, which has more than 50 years of experience in this branch. If the capital of Mexico is well well-known by Harbor thousands of businesses of all kinds, there are other cities in the country that are also growing at a remarkable pace. In this way, to search premises for rent, Monterrey also offers numerous options to suit all budgets.

Now you can concentrate on better serve its clientele, because it knows that it has adequate space for this. Remember that Grupo Frisa is at your service when you are looking for commercial rental (df) and local for rent monterrey. Especially this will great help in this holiday season and that come, because staying in one location also will help customers remember where to find him. Courage in your search and having a successful year end!

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Help Your Dog During Cold Season

The new dog coats are modern outdoor clothing in nothing. When selecting a warm padded dog coat for the winter make sure as far as possible that the dog coat well covered the sensitive underbelly of your dog. Especially small dogs need protection at the bottom of the stomach from rising cold. The current autumn winter collection of many well-known brands shows that the today’s dog coats are long modern functional clothing. The materials are similar to the outdoor clothing for us humans.

The exterior fabric is water repellent and yet the dog coat remains breathable. The dog coats for the winter are good warm and not complaining here, but light as a feather. And these are the trends for the current autumn / winter season 2013/14: A timeless traditional braid-knitted jumpers in many solid colors such as black, Brown, beige, fuchsia or lilac. And BlackBerry in the trend colours for this autumn, purple or lavender. At Christmas time the dog may with like a classic Norwegian pattern Bear Moose motif.

There is also this two-tone knit dog sweater in many different color variations. For those who like something simple for his dog, which chooses snowflake, which is discreetly placed on the rear back a dog sweater with the motif. The dog coats with the so-called cut-and-go principle are brand new”, which has developed the dog coat specialist Wolters. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. on most websites. These dog coats can harness, i.e. the dog coat is worn over the dog harness. A rubber profile to cut a is incorporated in the back part of the dog coat. Depending on where the attachment point of the dog harness is located, the rubber profile at this point can be cut. So far the easy rain kits”and winter jacket Amundsen” with the cut-and-go principle. Quite surprisingly, dog coats come along that change their appearance when it rains. So the contrasting two-tone dog coat magic creates “when it rains a pretty pattern on the back. The dog coat for the Deerns”in color Fuchsia / BlackBerry shows wet playful Gerlanden, the dog coat for the boys”in grey/graphite reveals an exciting Dragon motif in wet conditions. The easy rain dog coat”is a two-tone stepped dog rain coat with side Reflektoren.Bei the easy rain” materials are used also for modern met were employed. From the outside, the dog coat is windproof, water resistant up to 2,000 mm water column and breathability. Inside, the dog coat with a light mesh material is fed. So the dog coat in long play must not be removed. Also in this season, the classic among the dog coats place hold again. Include the Outdoorjacke Jack”, as well as the parka with pile collar. Both coats keep nicely warm and from the wetness. Read additional details here: Daryl Katz, Canada. Color is also for these classic models. A few years ago only the colors considered for dog coats black or brown face. Now not only the acceptance of dog coats has increased significantly, but there have also happy colors like red, pink or fuchsia catchment held. The majority of dog coats are available in the sizes 20-48 cm back length. There are more and more models but also for large to very large dog breeds with a back length up to 80 cm or in special sizes for short and stocky breeds such as the Pug and the Bulldog. The easy rain dog coat”is in the muted colours of black/black or black/chestnut as well as in the fresh colour combinations: black/lime, black/red or black/beige grey for example at hpetstore.de available.

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Ovarian Cysts

Many of us don’t know ovarian cysts and have little information in this regard, the first everything there is to know that they are ovarian cysts; ovarian cysts are tumors that occur in the ovary and found full of liquid, and are characterized by presenting abdominal swelling and menstrual disorders. At the moment in which the vast majority of women presented this problem will surely be scared and will not know what to do. Ovarian cysts are very common, so if at some point you get an ovarian cyst you must not think you’re the only gives you so don’t feel sad or something similar. It is very important that when you present a cyst of ovary, you enter into panic, you simply must seek treatments for you to disappear them, now tell you what are some of the home remedies so that you can eliminate ovarian cysts. The advantage of the home remedies is that you can prepare them from the comfort of your home and in some cases are more effective than medical treatments. These are some of the natural treatments to combat ovarian cysts: two pounds of beet 1.Consigue, afterwards make it a beet juice; then you get half a liter of honey cane molasses revuelves with sugar beet, after that, put in a glass container the juice you did beet and cane molasses, tops it and keep it in the fridge. After that you have to drink three cups a day, a Cup in fasting and the other two cups after meals. You must do this for two months.

This recipe contains many vitamins, minerals, iron, I folic acid and magnesium among others. This recipe has multiple properties in the Elimination of tumors. And as you can see his preparation and the way in which you must consume it is quite easy. 2 Get honey, lime juice, tequila and Aloe Vera or aloe vera pulp. Then, each ingredient get a Cup, or that. A cup of honey * a cup of lemon juice * a cup of tequila * a cup of Aloe Vera pulp or alore vera after you have that mixes all the ingredients in the Blender and made in a glass with lid container and put them to the fridge overnight. The next day, you take a drink on an empty stomach. That do you every day only in fasting. My name is Carla Diaz, I have a page to help all women with his problem of cysts of ovaries and in the page may find treatment for ovarian cyst. For more information visit.

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It is interesting to study the trend of the price of certain raw materials. During the 2010 commodities experienced a boom due in part to a weakened dollar and crop failures in some cases. The case of the gold is quite particular. Gold is the metal shelter, where invests in times of recession and crisis, since it keeps its value and therefore investors buy it in view of a future where to sell it and make a profit. Trend of gold in 2010 vs 2011 trend of gold, as most of the raw materials in 2010 was bullish. The precious metal reached blips up 29.56% last year. But, what is the trend in this commodity during what year? Let’s see what has happened to gold during the first days of 2011.

During the last quarter of 2010 gold surpassed $1,400 dimension but early 2011 has receded and seems to be unable to return to this level. It is currently around the 1,374 points where it could bounce. Click Daryl Katz to learn more. If at some point the gold traspasase that level while maintaining the bearish trend, can trigger continuous declines greater than where they currently see. CFDs: investing in bear markets even when markets do not experience upward trends, there are operational with certain financial products that allow you to make a profit. Some of these products are the futures or warrants.

Similar to these are contracts for difference, or CFD, but which present a greater number of advantages over previous ones. With a CFD two parts (investor and broker) Exchange the price of an underlying asset on the market (in this case the gold) between the time in which opens and the CFD closes. As the CFD allows to make operational in long and short, let’s see how would be one operating at short with a CFD on gold. CFD on gold in these moments the gold sample a bearish trend, so it opens position selling a CFD on gold. The aim of this operation is later buy the CFD on gold at one lower price, where would be gains for the investor. In addition, the operations with CFDs carry the benefit of leverage, by you only need to deposit a percentage of the total value of the asset that is operated. It must bear in mind also, that an investment in the commodities market may involve some great benefits, since these assets are very susceptible to dramatic changes in the supply and demand, and therefore the volatility of prices can generate opportunities for drastic gains. Similarly losses can be quite important, so it is necessary to use guaranteed stops to protect investment. Learn and study the trend of commodities and take advantage of their opportunity to successfully perform one operating. The above comments do not constitute investment advice and therefore IG Markets does not accept any responsibility for any use that can be made of them. CFDs are a leveraged product that entail a high level of risk and may result in losses that exceed your initial deposit. Make sure that you understand fully the risks involved and perform a constant monitoring of your investment.

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Decorative Screens

Decorative screens! For who it desires to separate environments and do not want to divide with walls it has the option of the Decorative Screens, that are separators that assist in the function to separate to spaces and cmodos with the easiness not to need a workmanship to construct a wall. The Decorative Screens are also very pretty and can be used as articles of decoration to decorate the cmodos, and you go to learn here as to use them our tips on the basis of. He sees! The Decorative Screens can be gifts in some cmodos of the house, as in one room of two brothers for example. Each one can have a certain privacy creating this barrier that hinders that one invades the space of the other. In the rooms the screens also can be a beautiful option to separate the supper table for example. The idea is that the screen separates environments, but does not occupy space, for the opposite: it saves that it. The screens can be bought ready or you it can order to make its, with the characteristics that to want as its size and design that it presents. Very great screens can be a good alternative for a company, for example, that it only possesss a room and two people taking care of.

Thus, the customer has a certain privacy to make businesses with the attendant. To buy the Decorative Screens you can go until a decoration store that with certainty will find some models of its taste. A legal tip is always to think about the remaining portion of the decoration of the space before buying the screens, therefore these thick partition walls when with very different colors of the considered one in the environment they finish being dislocated and generating an environment cafona. The Decorative Screens can very elegant and be placed in a certain area of the house only for its beauty, and who goes to define this is you, who can even look the best prices of decorative screens for the Internet. If to want to know more on Environment Decoration has access ours blog and confers all the tips.

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Wedding Practical Tips

It so happened, our Slavic mentality, that each of us, regardless of profession, position, social status and affiliation, live from holiday to holiday. Proof of this are the catch phrase, taken root in our society: "Friday-slag" or "Monday – the day of heavy ". Managers and politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats, careerists and loafers – all looking longingly at the red days on the calendar, counting working days. Have you ever wondered why the flip calendar date days are colored in black, mourning color? Correct: "from the work horses die " and another said: "He who can not relax, he can not work." Fortunately, Holidays Slavs abound: public, professional, religious and, of course, personal. Throughout adult life we are constantly perfecting them as guests, and when most have entertain friends and relatives on their own triumph, certainly want to make it worse.

But what to say! We climb over backwards trying to make a holiday better than the previous! Often grieve, as a result we get the opposite effect – despite all the efforts of celebration promises to be fun and dynamic, converted into ordinary sittings. Without falling in spirit, not of good cheer, not dropping the hands, after a memorable date we have with the new forces and ideas preparing for the next. Failed this year, corporate or birthday – nothing, we will assume it is a rehearsal, we take into account all the flaws and perform at a high level in the next! And so – for life! Our pride will never allow We recognize your own holiday failed.

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