The image you have of yourself is that begging better strengthen day by day, then that is positive. Cancer research often expresses his thoughts on the topic. If you think you are intelligent, conscious or unconsciously fix you in everything that you do well, it will reinforce the idea that you have and will confirm that you are intelligent. If on the contrary you think you’re not you trataras strengthen it with every mistake you make. Whatever you may think you have reason. Your beliefs will give you sense your experiences so you won’t get rid of them and most of the time or even the you identify, they are as natural as any part of the body.

To change and improve your life, you will have to question its validity and replace it with positive reinforcements. If you think that the glass is half empty, it will make you feel that it is dropping. If you think of the glass half-full, you retain the hope to finish filling it. If you see it in one or another way is your decision, the reality is the same only your interpretation of it changes. In the same way that you think others will determine as you relationships with them. Will determine the way how you relations with them as you they will respond, that can make you think that you were right.

If you think someone is violent and you get close to him with violence, will respond in the same way, in an act of Defense and you confirm that it is indeed violent. If you think you’re not skillful communicating with people, you will avoid doing so as much as possible, which will cause people to stop communicating with tigo and you’re increasingly being held incommunicado, that will strengthen your own belief. Regardless of whatever your beliefs, they will be reflected in what you do and will serve to filter the information you receive, this form shall be made part of your experiences.

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