Asbestos Errors

Risk of cancer due to man-made mineral fibres Nuremberg/Hennef – all processes that require high temperatures, compared to the normal ambient temperature isolated are to avoid heat loss and saving energy. The applications for solid or fibrous insulation of industrial furnace, beyond exhaust catalysts, coffee machines, ceramic hobs and fire protection doors. Especially the high temperature will (HTW) offer numerous advantages compared to refractory stones, but their risks are not negligible. Even carcinogenic asbestos comes back in the conversation. Instead of a worldwide asbestos ban, producer countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Canada currently for the chrysotile plead to admit also white asbestos known as, around the world.

White asbestos is to be made again map despite numerous serious asbestos-related diseases and many asbestos-related death cases. In recent months, Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine has been very successful. Although the asbestosis as a disease was discovered around 1900, one issued in Germany only in 1993, in the EU even in 2005, a final ban on almost all asbestos products. You should really learn from mistakes. As replacement materials for asbestos have over the years in addition to the solid insulating materials, such as about refractory bricks and plates, the artificial mineral fibres (KMF) established itself. That are wool or AES wool mineral wool, such as stone and glass wool, aluminium silicate fibers, polycrystalline mostly (alkaline earth silicate). Especially the high temperature will often employed in the industry risks great, which are currently quite deliberately played down. \”Perhaps was the well-known scientific term of the fibres ‘ also in the harmless-sounding term want to ‘ renamed\”, criticized in an interview with the online magazine NeueNachricht Nuremberg specialist journalist Robert Ruthenberg. Experience with asbestos, the World Health Organization (WHO) has made en a definition of respirable fibres. Fiber dusts that have an elongated shape, fibre dimensions are then particularly critical if the fibres have a length of more than 5 micrometers, of less than 3 microns in diameter and a length: diameter ratio of more than 3 to 1.

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