The Green ibis measured 48-56 cm in length and weighs 650 – 750 g. The female is smaller than the male. In mating season the males show bright colors, ranging from a greenish black color, beak and pale green legs. It has a grey facial patches. Juveniles show colours duller.Habitatfrecuenta forest swamps, rivers, ponds, muddy trails within the forest, forages walking with a nod, looking into the mud; possibly visit swamps open on the shores of the forest, heavily, often flies over the canopy, with the body and the neck upwards, peak down, slipping more than other species of ibis, usually in pairs or small groups.EstatusEs a local resident, through the plains of the Caribbean, is more common in the Rio Frio area and in the swamps of the North Coast and South of is from the East of Honduras, East of Peru and the North of Argentina.

Overview of the following bird: Heron of the Sun is a rare bird, with a size of 48 cm from beak to tail and with a weight of around 255 grams. Its beak and legs are long, similar to a Heron; head big with a slim neck, thick body kept horizontally. The coloration of its head is black with one eyebrow and white choil, white throat and neck and Brown chest with black, blackish back, rough abdomen olive brown with whitish background. Resources: List of special birds of Costa Rica birds of Costa Rica birdwatching in Costa Rica original author and source of the article

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