Christian Tramitz

Also to the start and the next few days, he offered Winter everything to make life difficult Fluhr. There even on the first evening to almost 90 minute failure of floodlights, the German recorded but with humor: was already pretty dark but the slope. At first I figured that the Gurgler invade a special difficulty have can to test what I’m cut.” Celebrities for Fluhr Christian Fluhr impressed everyone with his record, even the German star comedian Christian Tramitz and the Landeshauptmann of Tyrol Dr Herwig of Staa, who has relatives in Christian’s native home of Oberhausen in the Ruhr area, moved their hat before the German alpine skier. TV presenter goofy Forester had it not take an afternoon ski personally to accompany Christian and was sure then: Christian is a site for themselves, which cannot be measured by normal standards. How the down sail even after more than a week the slopes, is incredible.” Christian Fluhr also favors after many Hours to ski is still the speed and hurtles down the slopes quite often at triple-digit speeds. Three or four trips to the moderate descent speed must be easy per day. Anyway, I put much value that that I is endangering anyone on the slopes, because I’m in the normal operation of the ski.

Only I must or may not hire me, at the lift.” Clarifies Fluhr. New insights for science for the science in the field of sleep research and sports science were opened new doors in Obergurgl. The two renowned scientist Professor Dr. Dr. Martin Burtscher from the University of Innsbruck and the lecturer Dr. Nikolaus Netzer from Salzburg received scientific results during the 11 days on skis, which did not exist in this form until today. There so many interesting data in the world record attempt came out, that it will take some time until we have analyzed all of the values.” Doctor Christian Schmidt, who led the studies on the spot looking forward as well as team doctor for Christians extremely good condition responsible.

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