Circulatory System Thinking

Certain antioxidants may protect heart we know it all too well: stress is not equal stress. The so-called Eustress there is stress which is fun, and there is the form of stress, making us sick can, the Dysstress. All too often, unfortunately, stress job and occupation is Dysstress. This makes us to create. Darcy Stacom understood the implications. It is best to avoid the stress of sick-making.

A beautiful idea that is often sadly unrealistic. So stay to learn only left to deal with the stress and to mitigate its negative consequences. Stress produces free radicals that cause oxidative stress, which is responsible for some sick-making effects of stress. It is so to say the fight free radicals. Stress produced by physical or mental stress creates free radicals, which can cause oxidative stress.

Job and career related causes for oxidative stress can his workload, lack of sleep, excessive demands, bullying, smoking, fast food or Fast Food and much, much more. They cause the dreaded excess of oxygen radicals that can attack the normal metabolic processes and bring it to a halt. With antioxidants, such as the vitamin C and vitamin the harmful radicals can be intercepted. So the theory. In an experimental study, researchers examined whether this indeed is the case in the living organism under stress. To do this, they put the body under stress and noted that enzyme systems that regulate natural oxidative processes in the body and control have been brought in the stressful situation out of balance. Repeated it the experiment now under the protection of vitamin C and remained so the enzyme system also under stress levels in balance. Thus, it is clear that these antioxidant vitamins may reduce the effects of stress and counteract such as processes that promote atherosclerosis, hardening of the arteries so. That has also the great ASAP study shows mostly working people. Managed with a combination of delayed vitamin C and vitamin to inhibit the progression of atherosclerosis in a defined dose ratio. The study showed not only a significant inhibition of the progression of atherosclerosis, sometimes even a reduction in atherosclerotic plaques of 520 participants over 6 years. Combination of vitamins C and E, but not to the vitamins certain alone but for others as well. This is a strong indication to evaluate, that it in prevention with antioxidants not only on the what, but also that as arrives. The uncritical swallowing of any vitamins uses probably little. Here is the concept of Navitum Pharma. Navitum Pharma introduces products available that match the large studies investigational. So also CorVitum as evidence based module for the prevention of atherosclerosis. CorVitum is content – and dose-identical with the investigational drug of the ASAP study. With this product, troubled people who alleviate consequences of oxidative stress and something good for heart and vessels can do stress.

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