IIA Therapy

Contraindications in the current state of medical knowledge, are not particular precautions to be taken in consideration, in relation to the use of the equipments of Electromagnetotherapy. But is required for all instrumental treatment methods (and, therefore, also for treatment with Electromagnetotherapy) respecting some contraindications. Therefore, do not undergo therapy, unless there is a strict indication and medical supervision: carriers of pacemakers; pregnant women; patients affected by severe cardiological and neurological pathologies or complex neoplasticas/tumor diseases. Devices that apply magnetotherapy fruit of a study and a multiannual experience and constant clinical experimentation, the Electromagnetotherapy of computers summarizes itself the best of the most advanced technology and ambition to ensure the best therapeutic results, together with the maximum simplicity of use. The medical devices associated with both low frequency (from 6 to 100 Hz) as high frequency (from 100 to 5,000 Hz.); they are equipped with antennas (for the) spot treatment) and total mat (for most widespread therapies, a efectuar to carry out while lying). Recently Dr Mikael Dolsten sought to clarify these questions. All predisposed programs are managed by a microprocessor and are auto sweep: i.e., simply choose the therapy connected with this pathology, and the appliance directly emits the resulting electromagnetic field. In addition, they work without being connected to the mains only when it is necessary to recharge the internal battery. All these technical features have been made to ensure the home use to the end user: to enjoy comfortably and simple way, of a professional team, secure, guaranteed.

And with obvious advantages in terms of: time (reserves, rows, waiting, transfers, etc.); expenses (cost therapies, excessive and prolonged use of antidolorificos/anti-inflammatory, transport, etc.); effort (both physical and psychological: displacement, by environmental and/or weather situations, by) ask for help/accompaniment of other people, etc.); Prevention (having the possibility of therapy, both when the problems manifest themselves in ways painful or sudden, as when it is diseases chronic or degenerative in periods of apparent tranquility and meno nuisance). Does not guarantee pseudo miraculous healings, does not ensure to be the magical barite for all problems: the only thing insurance is that it helps to improve your health condition and your state of well-being, works to effectively combat headaches and problems which deeply affect your existence, your quality of life. Apparatuses for Electromagnetotherapy (EMT) are class IIA (Directive 93/42/EEC) and have certified as device doctor EN 13485, both for professional use as an individual. How does magnet therapy after suffering a trauma, inflammation or any other pathology that alter the natural balance of our biological system, cells lose energy. It is precisely in this phase in which involved the electromagnetic pulsed fields emitted by Magnetofield: these are capable of restoring the altered system capacity to act more effectively against the damaging process, returning to give the cells the optimum energy lost. The main beneficial effects of the electromagnetotherapy can be summarized thus: anti-inflammatory action and anti-edema; Tissue repair; Action antidolorifica; Anti-allergic action; Vasoactive action; Action neuroequilibradora. If you want personalized information on therapies to follow in your case with its pathology, let us know by return e-mail we will inform you and will advise you.

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