Lugo Base

Due to international pressure and debt to Germany is the formula used to compensate for the sale of tungsten with the purchase of German military equipment. The German government was reluctant because of the need for weapons, and therefore were reluctant to set prices or sales astronomical. Spain Business (250 fighters were willing day, 150 bombers and 75 night) to ensure reasonable prices to pay in kind. “
Thus, in 1943, purchased second-hand equipment to Germany 15 fighter Me109 F2/F4,at a price of 202,000 frames per unit, and 10 JU-88 A4 bombing, 600,000 frames each. Also buy the license for manufacture of Me109G, I-111 and Thr-52. Also acquired four radio landing radiotelemetros WA 10 rzburg FuG 39 TD, a Pagers “Freya” and three apparatus localization “Liechtenstein” (pimeros the radars in service in Spain, which is located near Madrid). Along with anti-aircraft guns were purchased in size 88, arrived in Spain in 1943 at least 88 pieces, 22 batteries, Flak-36 model, which then is also manufactured under license.
The Me109 was delivered in French Airfield Villecoubley of the May 17, 1943. Two days after the pilots led to the Spanish Air Force Base in Reus. The trip ends at the base at Moron with Barajas, where he arrived only 14 aircraft, having an accident during transport. To give priority to protection of the border with France were included in the 23 Regiment Game, based in Reus. The I-109 provides some shock that another death to the crews of aircraft in its task of photo flights in anticipation of a future war.
The Ju-88 were at the airfield in Toulouse on November 30, 1943. Previously, pilots and other crew had done an intensive course at the base of Francazal, in this case the plane was new to not be in service in the Air Force. The 10 aircraft arrived in Spain in a non-stop flight to the base of Los Llanos, Albacete, the same day and were included in the 13 Bombardment Regiment.
In 1944 the Air Force acquired 12 Dornier Do-24T3 boats for search and rescue mission, for without arms, based in Pollensa, Zona Aerea de Baleares. Operations of C-24 on the Mediterranean began in the summer of 44, in close coordination with the countries involved to avoid incidents.
I also bought 3-111J-111H and I have 3 dedicated to the polls but weather that is believed to have been transferred to Spain to conduct weather reconnaissance in support of Germany (the aircraft passed its revisions and put in hours of engine bases Air France in Germany, were flown by the Spanish but the rest of the crew was German). The planes were bound Polls weather squadron of Barajas, which belonged to the Directorate General of the Ministry of Air Flight. In collaboration with Germany is also curious that there is a German-based navigational aid in Lugo.
It also acquired 12 Heinkel He-114A boats to Germany in 1943 and went to the Hydra base Alcazares. The Ro-43 Hydro durnte war interned Italians were repaired and integrated into the 51 Regiment, based in Pollensa.

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