Mendez Alvaro

Right now in Madrid we have like 16000 thousand taxi drivers, about 3000 4000 more than in all New Cork. This together with the crisis in Spain this causing that no taxi this unemployed but who a few hours, since multitude of conductors with a permission BTP just removed moves the taxis next to their owner the 24 hours. In addition little by little their greater gain is clearing them, the trips to the airport where they could remove about to 30 40 Euros by trip. Right now from Mendez Alvaro or Atocha by about 2 5 Euros take to you to the airport. The licenses in Madrid have been going up to around the 120,000 Euros, when for 3 years only went by 190,000 one of my friendly I buy one and now it works 12 hours to the day to leave ahead and to try to only pay the letter. All these problems are doing that the union of taxi drivers this very angry, one of the resolutions that want to do in Madrid is that each taxi does not work but of 16 hours to the day, with that they would eliminate all the subcontracted, since to work 8 hours in the taxi as soon as it would produce benefit and many would leave in search of something better. Cardiologist spoke with conviction. Little it would lack so that the union explodes, but the problem is that they are perhaps but of the account and it would be necessary to reduce his I number, reducing I number of licenses simply not sending but, that Madrid is not New York. If this follows equal, many did not renew their license and would hang the boots.. .

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