November Law

Long it was aimed at, but only for a few weeks, she’s officially: the amendment of the association law. Planegg, October 27, 2009 – long it was aimed at, but only for a few weeks, she’s officially: the amendment of the association law. It will bring some relief for clubs, but also action. Two changes stand out: the legislators cleared the way for e-filing to the register of associations, and he has introduced a limitation of liability for volunteer Board members. One thing is clear: the reform applies to every club.

Who wants to bring quickly to the current state, the free online seminar association law reform should be 2009 “at to mark not to be missed: on Tuesday, the 3rd November at 18:30 expert Stefan Wagner tells live and around 90 minutes long, which objectives and priorities pursued the reform, all of which is newly regulated and what practical consequences arising from it for the work.” The speaker is lawyer and lecturer at the Academy of management of the German Olympic Sports Confederation and familiar not least due to his practical activity with the details of the right of Association. Blood test contributes greatly to this topic. Board members are interested in particular, who is actually affected by the limitation of liability, and what exceptions there. Can a Board now fully unlock and exercise? What does the limitation of liability? Is it still necessary to insure against liability losses in future? What makes the new procedure of registration? Is an amendment to the Constitution on the basis of the reform necessary? These are important questions that now are responsible in many clubs. Stefan Wagner of answer not only to competent, but grants decision-making, representative of the Board, right of action space points also the numerous detail changes. By the way: The seminar participants can during the lecture easily from the PC questions and interact with other participants. The association law reform Redmark online seminar registration 2009 “is now under Club / onlineSeminars possible. About Redmark Association under the label Association to mark the Haufe established media group with its high-quality offer to the Club’s management as a competent partner of the clubs and associations.

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