Reflection And Concrete Actions

School is our scope, where every day thousands of children, young people and adults we hope.Alli met our greater wealth, family experiences, our being and being. But our spaces, dizzily, being affected by the violence, a situation that worries me as a teacher and invite you to think and act.Today the turbulence have appeared onstage, on doors or inside of schools and not only spread in quantity but in its severity.Education professionals feel, our task becomes increasingly complex and before a violent act rarely know how to act. At present, the educational institutions, not only act in the construction of knowledge, but in the formation of a subject for a positioning vs. itself and to the demands of society.We respect so the models or the lack of social models but how face the adversities of life in society? what is the origin of the violence? We never could give a reason sufficiently clear and forceful because precisely the greatest obstacle of his understanding, understand, in its multicausal feature there are no violent children by spontaneous generation and why is time to stop hiding behind the psychodiagnostic and take charge of education. In our days, we cannot fail to recognize that the violence comes from the familiar hand and the communication between them is bidirectional.

Many are the issues to consider: role has the child within his family, if the child is a victim of violence family members in your household; doors that occurs inside in the educational centre; that relationship between violence and mode, violence and media, etc. The search for alternatives to help children to turn non-violent behaviors required of a deep analysis: policies public, institutional practices, programs television that perpetuate attitudes, images and aggressive behaviors, while they reflect part reality, at the same time disadvantages when it comes to exemplify and prevent are. Engender an open school should be for adults, a wonderful challenge and depends on us. Create systematic and frequent meetings between managers, parents, dtos. orientation and think the violent reality, discover the feeling that causes and try to transform it.This would help to victims and perpetrators alike, and contact with the outside world. In this way, it is essential that operators that we intervene in the system, we have the appropriate training, from planning and design of the so long-awaited polit. public, its organization, starting in March but about our commitment. Hesiod: Add a little to the other little, is not lost work original author and source of the article.

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