Series Nightmares

The night all the young leave the school and come back toward house in security, clearly that they are only safe because has company ones of the others, and its laughs and high, always fierce voices of attention, echo for all the alleys, full all the streets, populate all the squares. But in way to the silence of this night of August soon one perceives that something does not go well. Therefore it is the racket that folloies and keeps to them, that to say of today, in this cold night where the sound of to its only follows them steps while they become vacant for dark alleys? It swims truily is missed, Clear continhua pretty and ruiva, with its pink white skin and its small freckles to sprinkle-le the face, only that today franze the senho, its red lips if keep serious, and insurance the card index resoluta, as if in it held its life. Patrician continhua blond and its green eyes livings creature continue well open, but it does not know accurately what it looks for to see; still it tried to amend subjects one or two, but getting susesso it did not give up and if it threaded I hug in it of its Erick boyfriend. Erick also was well, was not for the cold it would be all certainty. For the cold and I silence for it.

It was a blond fort that was with one moleton red. Few things lehe would give fear. its Caique friend continued being the black of green eyes charmoso of the world. A cat crossed them the way. Some jokes had been pronounced and the tension if it undid.

Illusion. It swims could prevent what this night reserves them. Passos.Por some reason all they stops. Fear. But it does not have nobody in the alley. It has? Sim.Clara derrepente attacks Caique that replies with violence and Patrician that always was so delicate decides, thus without more, to participate of that fight quiet. Erick tries to separate. In they go. They hurl it far to the three and they continue its shock. Why? Erick attends of berth and without acting its two friends to be slow and violently assassinated for Caique that runs away in go off. Erick if even drags in house, but it does not know what to make. The friend must trair. He must bind for the policy. But it does not make. It simply adormece. To awake in the following day. He wakes up stuned. He runs until the house of Caique. Intenciona kills it. Caique is there as if nothing it had made. Sinico! Erick starts the agrediz it and it confesses, confesses that the Patrician friend was traindo together with. But he says that nothing he knows on no murder. Erick does not believe. Until Clear it arrives. So pretty and innocent as always it are. its heart if calms, must have been a nightmare. It finishes its namoro with Patrician. the only thing that it cannot explain is the mark in the inert soil, where in the previous night it capsizes to lie down to the body of its two friends.

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