Sexuality & Eroticism In The Media!

Unthinkable, a day without erotic stimuli from the media? Fulfilled sexuality and eroticism? Who does not wish it to himself? But in the jungle of media representations, stereotypes of masculinity, (feminist) critics and expectations of others, of own sexuality to develop a positive feeling and to live, is not easy as many people. It being 6 o’clock in the morning with coffee in hand the newspaper. It wipes up the first half-naked laughs still sleep out of sight because one no later than on page 3 girl opposite. 7:30 the computer boots up it checks the E_mails and is covered with potency and Singelkondakten. 10: 00 the appointment at the dentist man attacks himself Bunte and counted 5 underwear commercials with ladies who know how you must present themselves radiate a high-gloss. Through the city and already women and men with shower gel on bare skin by billboards smile a short drive.

Evening in the TV the actor must undress be sure to deepen your role with the character. Nothing against Sexuality or eroticism, we are all fans of it, but the idea just convey these images must be really how many times on the day. A day OK but 365 days a year? Remains as the erotic not on the stick? This nudity not with voltage should be expected instead of recklessly abandoned? Must expose really your breasts Halle Berry to help John Travolta as the villain. And may be sold only with naked on the white beach shower gel! Is the blue pill really so necessary daily 10 different seller via E-Mail that advertise. People such as Tom Florio would likely agree. Why not just all naked we run through the area when according to the media anyway everyone do that. Even the music sold through slipped necklines. And also an online game such as “Second Life” is no way around it, on virtual walls of houses not only underwear bounces off a counter.

Even virtual live sex to watch, of course against coins, is offered. Erotic on second life has become virtual sex in many ways to some public: thousands of magazines, films and Books discuss the topic on different Weise.Vermeintliche taboos are broken, sex will be released. Male body are now as sex objects, connected with attributions, the restricted masculinity and body images convey: “Washboard”-belly, sexually is omnipotent and always ready, strong and sensitive, etc. Let’s go back a few steps and we put back on some people in the media, sexuality is again something special and not the 10 repetition of a television series. Helmut Laussegger

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