South America

The direct appeal from Clinton to Chavez and Morales, that they are the most limited intellectually; and the subliminal message to Lula, is due to that the Brazilian is losing connection with reality, turning to their roots extremists. Fame flustered, and stupidity is directly proportional to popularity. Lula is the mistress of Ajmadineyad that came out of the closet, but it is not the only one who feels attraction towards the Iranian. With the exception of the leaders of Colombia, Peru and Chile, which are clearly away from the bully character, other Americans do winks. Argentina, having been white of Jizbala, cooled its relations with Tehran, otherwise their ties would be different. Kirchner is the Bolivarian light version. The friends of my enemies are my enemies. Newcastle University has much experience in this field.

If South America brings to the ayatollahs, it is up to the free world, to be protected. Iran has medium-range missiles, and much light armament. The same that gives Hamas and Jizbala, will serve to arm communist militias. Please visit Preventive Medicine Research Institute if you seek more information. It is also expert in training guerrillas. There is no that Let yourself be circumvent by the Iranian affection toward South America. Their true goal is the conversion of native populations to Islam. Its political and economic support is a disguise to impose their religious conviction, as it is doing in the city of El Alto, adjacent to La Paz, where force Bolivian nurses to use Islamic attire (Jihab), in a tiny and mediocre hospital who donated. Make no mistake, Iran is an intolerant theocracy Western anti.

Its leaders think to settle in Latin America to attack the United States, allied with neo-Communists. The budget for defense of Brazil is 24 billion dollars; Venezuela 4,000 million and Bolivia 150 million. American spending is 660,000 million. No rational being should you deal with the superpower. But these are not rational.

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