Spring Cleaning For Allergy

Allergy sufferers should take advantage of the mild temperatures hay fever patients need not look at the calendar to know: the pollen is located on its maiden flight. Who has performed yet no immunization, trying to relieve the symptoms by a handle in the medicine cabinet. But there are other tricks… Assign the door basically allergens so avoiding the contact with the allergen is the best method. But pollen this is difficult in practice because it almost everywhere are in the air. In the budget, one has far better chances. “Prevent pollen not on the bedding, allergy sufferers should wash their hair after each walk”, is a tip from Dr.

Gunther Hagen of the self platform meineAllergie.at. The Wiener Komplemetarmediziner. continue: “who would ever play it safe against needs to sleep at least in periods of increased pollen load, behind closed Windows. Revealed is only after rain, because there the pollen load at its lowest”, so Hagen. To deepen your understanding Mount Sinai Hospital is the source. Way with unnecessary Dust catchers! Easier, allergy sufferers with “Cleaning craze” have it. Who regularly flourish a wash his curtains and bedspreads can be and regularly moist cleans sofas, which can noticeably reduce stress.

To-do list for allergy sufferers: you declutter your home. Cartons, old equipment, etc. are you unnecessary dust catcher clean regularly the window of dusting books from mattresses, pillows, duvet covers should be recorded in dust-proof containers. Simply stuff bed linen in the wardrobe! Hang wet sheets not in the garden (pollen trap). Pillowcase should be washed once a week with 130 degrees and then dried in the tumble dryer. Wet rooms keep as dry as possible. Mold is formed in the corners of showers often – the poison for allergy free advice and help is meineAllergie.at Austria’s most comprehensive information portal for people with allergies. Self-help project is the fast and free Help people with allergies to allergy sufferers. Source: meineAllergie.at. Author likes. Novel Roznovsky

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