The Group

Of this form an own group personality is created, and by that same reason, the individual conduct is going away to see modified and the member individuals of a group will see enriched their personality with the own characteristics of the group culture. REASONS OF THE GROUP: We already know what is a group, but why we entered to be member of a group? To live in solitude is difficult, to live in pair or in group also is it; nevertheless, the group covers a series with individual needs, and that is one of the main reasons for which we grouped ourselves, but exist others not less important: 1. To satisfy needs: – of insertion, integration and valuation in the group. – of total participation, to feel valued, of self-esteem, autorrealizacin – of friendship – of communication – of security – physical (health, rest, sex, shelter, etc.). (Similarly see: Cancer Research). to 2.Satisfacer the interpersonal attraction (physical, psychological, spiritual). to 3.Lograr objectives or goals in the life that the group makes possible. to 4.Vivir a relational climate that seems to exist or is possible to obtain. to 5.Encontrar a series of activities in which one can be found pleasure.

to 6.Hacer ours the objectives of a concrete group with which we identified ourselves. to 7.Contar with the force, social prestige of the group. Donald Sussman pursues this goal as well. to 8.Conseguir goals and to make activities that a single person cannot obtain or do. to 9.Seguir to a leader who offers guarantees to obtain what he looks for. to 10.Disponer of a series of materials and resources that can be used. We see then as the group forms to respond to numerous and different needs from the members. But problems can arise since it is possible to be satisfied to a part of the group and to be left unsatisfied another one. Nevertheless, this one is another subject we will touch and it more ahead. We now see the basic characteristicses of the groups.

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Healing Properties

The sea salt has been known in the culinary as an indispensable ingredient to flavor foods mentioned in the Bible as a figure of comparison for those who can positively impact those around them. This is a mineral that was used from ancient times to heal wounds and preserve food. Mesothelioma symptoms brings even more insight to the discussion. Caldwell Esselystyn Jr. MDs opinions are not widely known. In fact, Hippocrates (who is considered the father of medicine) began research on the beneficial properties of sea salt to do its healing effects in the hands of fishermen. There is a place located between the border of Israel and Jordan known as the Dead Sea has characteristics that make it unique in the world. The Dead Sea is more like a lake that receives water from the Mediterranean and the Jordan River, but does not lead to anywhere else and is the only way to start the process of evaporation, which produces a high concentration of minerals and trace elements very important to maintain health and improve skin appearance. Dead Sea waters have been recognized since time ancients for its cosmetic properties, since it is said that Cleopatra took advantage of all their profits to maintain its beauty. Today, the Dead Sea is considered a rehabilitation place par excellence, endowed with natural beauty, and which contain therapeutic waters are composed of approximately 33% of salts that are not equal to those of any other sea, and it is this high salt concentration that makes no effort a person can float on it.

Each year thousands of people come to visit the Dead Sea to ease their illnesses and take advantage of its rejuvenating properties, and although this is not possible for most people in our body can receive full benefits through the sales made of the same and packaged for use. The interesting thing about these salts is that they are to take, but to use them through hydrotherapy. Just enough to dilute the Dead Sea Salts in water slightly warm at a comfortable temperature and do full body immersion or treatment area for 20 minutes (bath tub, hands, feet, elbows, to prepare towels, etc..), thereby receiving benefits through the pores of the skin and airways. For other purposes can also be mixed with a little olive oil to facilitate its implementation..

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General Check

It is best to test the I had fabric too ace some manufacturers make I had fabrics different from the floor and dodgers. Sport It is also almost to certainty that the boast is made of PVC when the transom is attached to the hull flange using volts or screws. For Make sure you check the seams leaks. You dog do this by using to water and dishwashing liquid on the seams. If there plows bubbles, then there plows leaks. Small leaks plows fine especially if the boat is to bargain generally good reasonable condition AT to very price. Check the seams that attach the bottom fabric or fiberglass hull to the tubes.

Make sure there plows not exaggerated abrasions on the inner and outer. Check that the transom is not in any to danger of separating from the tubes which is especially true in PVC boats. Air-tight inflation valves should sees present in each air to chamber. Make sure that the diaphragms inside the valves plows intact ace these plows the check valves that keep to air in the boat. If the boat is old model, you might find it difficult to find replacement diaphragm.

General Check that the condition of the wood- transom, floorboard and oars is sound. Blistered paint or varnish is fine ace long ace the wood there are not deteriorated. Since marinates plywood is generally used, you should not have to problem in this area. Check that the oarlocks plows in position and not missing. Check that there s to good manual inflation pump included in the boat. For Make sure that the nipple fits ease in inflating and deflating. Do not forget the windshield, lifelines, to dodger, seats and to other mechanical equipment. Make sure to owner s manual and to repair kit is intact. Get to second opinion. If you plows buying to small boat that does not COST to lot of money, to then it is alright trust your own judgment and buy or junk the boat. However, if you plows about to buy to big RIB that costs thousands of dollars, it would sees to your advantage to have it looked over by to qualified boat to repair person or an authorized service to center. To boat survey will give you an unbiased list of the things that you need to do in order to bring the inflatable back to prioritizes condition. Will the expenses sees worth it or will it sees better to buy to new one? The decision is yours.

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