Ascorbic Acid-Vitamin C

Transport and food preservation inappropriate: something similar occurs with the transport of food and its maturation in coldrooms, freezing them lose up to 83% of its nutrients, and to keep them blunt or canned 94% haste. To this we must add other adjuvants this deficit causes, such as tobacco consumption (benzpyrene of tobacco, which freed numerous radical free, they fight with vitamin C, 1 cigarette consumed 20 mg of Ascorbic acid per day), anxiety and stress, which weaken our immune system and consume large amounts of vitamin C, or alcohol and drugswhich have a similar effect. The sum of all these factors is advisable, according to Pauling, implement our diet with vitamin supplements to preserve organic homeostasis, or what is the same, an optimal state of health. We need around 59 essential micronutrients. In addition to the vitamins our cells feed on minerals, trace elements, enzymes, essential fatty acids (such as the omegas) and phytoelements, all substances that enter in synergy with macronutrients to become what some have called the molecules of life. In the next article we will explain the role played the main micronutrients, until then some data: up to 60% of the population suffers from nutritional deficiencies. The drugs produce every year, only because of side effects, 10000 deaths. To be able to assimilate the refined sugar the body uses considerable amounts salts minerals, without obtaining this contribution any sugar, the same occurs with all products that use refined sugar: pastries, sugary beverages, margarine, ice cream, chocolate is very important to have clean bowel to absorb better nutrients..

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