Such results should lead to optimal the above-described method of analysis and inventory management. The analysis and optimization of goods: 1. The range is divided into groups. To unify the results of the above methods can be divided on the range groups whose names you closer to understanding. For example, cream, working positions, unmarketable products. Cream – it's highly profitable products or product groups (group A (ABC-XYZ analysis), the "stars" (matrix BCG), A (by the method of analysis Dibb, Simkin)) Working position – products that provide a steady income Organization (Group B (ABC-XYZ analysis), "cash cows" (matrix BCG), B1 or B2 (analysis by the method of Dibb-Simkin)) surplus stock – products with a reduced demand or its absence (group s (ABC-XYZ analysis), "dog" (matrix BCG), C (analysis by the method of Dibb-Simkin)) For example, in Table 1 "Cream" in red letters, "working position" – in green font "Illiquid Assets" – a gray font. Therefore, in each class, category and group is the "cream", "working positions" and "surplus stock", with which to work. 2.

After the group should develop a strategy for each class, category and group range, according to separated into 3 groups (see item 1). ie, on what SKU should be abandoned, what should be developed, etc. The third step – monitoring the range of key parameters. At this stage you have already formed the directory selected key indicators chosen strategy for the management and selection of optimized product range itself. Assortment management is a balance between properly purchased (produced) and sold on time commodity.

In order to maintain a balance must be monitored key performance indicators, which is an indicator for the onset of positive or negative situations. Based on these indicators develop solutions for the development of a favorable situation or to develop preventive measures. Currently, many executives use performance indicators to make decisions on the fact (to the end of the month quarter). And just in case you can address the causes of failures at an early stage to identify disturbing deviations affecting the achievement of strategic objectives.

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