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What could the future of luminaires and lamps look like after the light bulb? With the second stage of the EC Regulation 244 / 2009-the so-called light bulb ban, since September 1, 2010, arises more and more the question as just design luminaires will be handled thus. Finally was used so far with many lights on the atmospheric and comfortable, mostly warm light of incandescent bulbs. In many models, the warm glow of incandescent bulbs underlines the sense and purpose of the design. Be considered now special lighting for tables or desks, providing the user an adequate light, the classic incandescent lamps or newer halogen lamps are been favored for a behaglichere atmosphere so far. Halogen lamps as an alternative generally have the advantage to require equal light intensity between 20 30% less energy than the incandescent lamps. There are table lamps for many years, involving for longer works, whether energy-saving lamps in the Office or at home, as the light source to the Be for use. Even if the energy-saving lamp with the same luminous intensity requires far less power is definitely not by the hand of denying that the light and the color quality of energy-saving lamps are different depending on the model you choose.

Sometimes to the dissatisfaction of the user, because typically in the neutral white area feel the light, which is well suited to the work many users as too cool, when it then comes to the comfort in other areas of the home. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Ben Dark. At only a few energy-saving bulbs are even dimmable. For a few years, lighting for the living area is increasingly worked on LED. Good LEDs is to achieve higher energy efficiency than at CFLs on the luminous intensity (how light is the light for the eye). LEDs can be easily dimmed.

Against them to be weak or would give off a too cold colour argue on LEDs. Good LEDs are extremely efficient and deliver the same brightness as a 60W incandescent lamp or a 15W at approximately 7 W energy saving bulb / Compact fluorescent lamp. Also manufacturer of fixtures not to ignore this possibility. On the contrary, including manufacturer Artemide has supplied series of Tolomeo Tavolo – one version with permanently installed LED before about a year the table lamp from its popular Tolomeo-. The Tolomeo Tavolo LED, primarily intended as a working lamp provides light similar to daylight and is dimmable. As a particularly innovative and functional the Tolomeo Tavolo LED turned out then a few weeks ago the extension. MWL is the Tolomeo Tavolo (LED). MWL means: My White Light so: my white light. And not without reason. Artemide an individually adjustable LED Licht allows not only design-conscious users with this model. By means of different LEDs it is possible, between cold white (day) and warm white (such as at a light bulb) light continuously by means of a button to regulate and to Dim. In a light so any light. In the Tolomeo-series may be only a matter of time until also the other models such as the standing and pendant luminaires provided a MWL-version to the page. For the market of lighting design there are generally more interesting lights with led technology. For the future, we may be curious, because LEDs allow completely new designs and productions.

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