Innovative Functional Clothing

Comfort and fashion by Damart Switzerland when spring arrives and the Sun returns, won’t let also the first warm days to wait. A true delight after the cold winter! Customize your wardrobe with these changing temperatures and discover our textile innovations on Enjoy the spring thanks to the comfort of these garments! After you have estimated warming function Thermolactyl clothes clinking cold winter, you should meet now also take advantage of additional layers of Damart: the Climatyl product range is perfectly suited for the current season and the current temperature. Thanks to integrated climate fiber”, the Climatyl clothing adapt to the weather conditions and always offer the ideal temperature to your body. The skin thanks to the refreshing windbreaker material breathes better. Shirts, sweaters, cardigans, or 7/8 pants offer this perfect balance of comfort and lasting well-being. The Lineastyl product range invites you, your whole body gently something good to do: Thanks to the microcapsules incorporated into the fibres of the character-shaping Capri pants, leggings and pants enjoy all day about the slimming properties of Lineastyl.

This incorporated invisibly into the fibres and tested in our laboratories microcapsules contain valuable, natural active ingredients (juice of a tree from Amazon, red alga, horse chestnut, red wine and moisturizing the upper layers of the main, sweet almond oil). If they are worn directly on the skin and move, they have body shaping effect. They remain effective up to 20 machine washes. In this way every day effortlessly make for your skin and your line. In midsummer, the garments from the innovative Ocealys fiber from Damart will give you true well-being.

Their fresh-kick effect begins with the skin contact and ensures a long-lasting feeling of freshness. Ocealys is breathable and Wicks moisture quickly away from the body. Thus, Ocealys creates a dry and healthy climate, even if the summer breaks all records. Equip yourself with this easy blouses, 7/8 trousers or breathable shoes that are perfect for the summer. The moisturizing Biorelle clothes or Amortyl shoes with an incomparable running comfort complete the innovation range of Damart, found online at. So you feel the summer all, visit the Damart website and browse through the different innovation textiles of brand: Here you will surely find the innovative clothing line that corresponds to your individual ideas. Would like to freshness, slimming effect, well hydrated skin, optimal comfort? The lines Ocealys, Lineastyl, Biorelle, Climatyl and Amortyl are available. It is for every taste something so wonderfully light come through the summer.

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