Guidelines Children

When the separation or divorce takes place, or simply if the unmarried couple stop in your coexistence after their break-up, it is necessary to establish a regime that supported the interests both of face to the upbringing and care of their common children. There is where does the legal figure of the custody. Mode within it that best measure allows to reconcile all the interests at stake is precisely that of shared character. It is a cooperative mode in which both parents take equal rights and duties in the care of their children, in his daily care as well as the decisions of great importance. One of the main challenges when it comes to operate, given that it involves a balancing of each of the parents time with children, consists in setting schedules and calendars of visits. In large part these problems are marked by trying to fix this regime of strict, trying to achieve full equality, to fifty percent of the time for each of them, which inevitably gives rise to confusion and too many meetings between former spouses to pick up and deliver the child. Taking into account certain suggestions you can create a regime of joint custody which will reconcile all needs and interests.

A) would be desirable let’s we that you begin with a fixed schedule a certain rigidity regarding the plan initially marking will be required, at least initially, to ensure their proper functioning in a hesitant first moments. Once parents are becoming increasingly more satisfied by their good performance, greater flexibility on the same, performing certain punctual modifications so that it is possible to adapt to possible changes of plans will be possible. In any case, the coordination between both parents will be essential, being convenient to maintain open lines of communication. This will affect a greater happiness and a better dynamic between the parents themselves, which may leave behind their possible differences in view of the good results. (B) keep a calendar of custody separately would be desirable that a time organized the days of the year, both parents retain a log detailing, for example with different colors, the days in which children will remain with each, pointing out the moments that the pick-ups and deliveries, will take place in the case that these were smaller. If certain changes take place because of vacations or holidays, this should also be included in the calendar of the custody. (C) keeps a record of the changes that could take place in the same score in that calendar all modifications and changes of plans that may arise could allow to keep better records, and can detect potential failures and facilitating the dynamics.

It will thus always be clear who it is having children a day. All this might seem certainly complicated initially. However, the good organization of parents will greatly benefit the children, resulting in a better relationship between each other. Daryl Katz, New York City shines more light on the discussion. Set targets and orders easy to handle and not selfishly to have children exactly half the time will allow enjoying more time with them. It is seeking more quality than quantity.

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