Same Parties

In last the 12 months, the nominal GIP of Brazil arrived US$ 1,8 trillion, while Spain, a country that nor if compares with the size of Brazil, arrived US$ 1,5 trillion in period the same. Summarizing: vocs had searched and still they search the success established in knowledge that already do not apply more; with a determination that wound rights of others and one it disciplines unprincipled person. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. insists that this is the case. We live in a country where the PT, its party, in the eagerness of the conquest of the power whatever the cost; of the everything for the power on behalf of a pseudodemocracy, it divided the country sesmarias. The PT, on behalf of ' ' craciadodemo' ' , since of democracy it does not have nothing, a great party created that, amongst other things, it suggests to exterminar the competitors or reduziz them, as today the forty partidinhos in the present time are presented more than, each one rowing pra a side or pulling the live coal pra its sardine or pulling the bag of somebody. We do not need this! Stocking-dozen left would be enough. The result of election 2010 showed this. Two right parties or conservative; Two parties moderators and two parties of opposition.

In summary: with this installed zone, in the deep one we do not have no party. All do not pass of parties ' ' partidos' ' , that they are joined (coligam) or if repel to the flavor of its proper interests and, to defend ours interests that would be the first obligation of them, this nor is for observed them. The political parties in Brazil, in the truth, are to a sad new edition of the Tower of Babel. Speech and distribution of positions are alone, or better, of the estate, seen the roubalheira that is to make envy to the most famous buccaneers. All do not pass of parties ' ' partidos' ' , why they do not consider that we are in the same boat and all we would have to form a team (union) and to row under the solid beddings of the knowledge (education, hard study in the search of the truth); of the determination (hard and untiring work) and of it disciplines (observance of universal laws, of our infraconstitutional Constitution and laws, of the natural laws, as well as of the moral and the good customs) for the success of all, but not! These parties if join to have to be able spreading false knowledge through lies, information alone generate doubts and thus they divide opinions and promoting the indiscipline, the clutter, deterioration of moral values constructed per millenia.

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