Venezuelan Confidence

It is necessary to diagnose the Venezuelan case, where are the major weaknesses product for the management of its current managers, to review in detail the role, functions and characteristics of the resources of the company, the main problems that have arisen, because of the incidence of the variable of the State, competitiveness, economic effects, contingency policy, behavior of markets. It is required to evaluate the behavior of the Manager, their roles it plays. His attributes, his conduct, ethics, values, commitments, responsibility and the subject that interests us strength and confidence in this opportunity. To which we are referring with fortress?, simply to what so sure feels with current knowledge that it handles, how the challenges, interpret and manage threats, know how to seize opportunities, bring about the changes that are required for guarantee a good operability to the company where he works. Strength that consolidates more, when there is a true self-knowledge of the Manager, a full identification to use proactive, creative, innovative, leadership, effective, productive management of the resources of the company. Definition of objectives, programs, strategic planning that will ensure a good participation of the company in the scenarios where acts. Design of an organizational structure consona to the needs that the company needs to be operating successfully. When management is identified with its fortress, will ever present fear, fear, everything that affects you in your security, in its actions, otherwise, should know to take advantage of that energy load generated by the strength and that of know it handle, the results are also wonderful management need not only thanks to its fortress take shelter in your trustknowing that you can face the challenges, achieve work, human resource teams They have confidence, recognize him as the leader able to lead them to achievements that benefit everyone tells us about the confidence, which is the conviction that we achieved on our own capabilities and qualities.

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