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Many people, to get sick, does not seek the causes of what they cause their ills but that is limited to search how to cover their daily discomfort symptoms. Not realizing the causes that generate them going in search of drugs to mask the unpleasant symptoms, this is a problem because, if we think for example, a headache and we see that the action taken is the take a painkiller every day by the recurrence of pain, far cure us, in the long run be able to generate another problem. We are spending an amount continues to cover an evil that will also be likely to generate another, like having heartburn or you acides, this will require new continuous medication and more expenses also. We build new problems, more diseases and more expenses that also may generate stress us and more and more health problems and economic. If we stop for a few seconds to find the possible causes of these continuous headaches, gastritis, diarrhoea and recurrent, and similar diseases could give us account that are perhaps caused by actions such as stay without eating for long hours, nourish us with very poor quality food, live too much stressed by circumstances which really do not warrant it, eating foods high in fats, acids, chile eating habits or lifestyle not suitable, etc. I invite you to have a better health and a way of doing this is by carefully watching these diseases; not to mention the more serious than duty undoubtedly require the assistance of a doctor, I speak of the everyday discomforts in your life which from home we can pay attention to its causes away from only automedicarnos. (Source: Kevin P. Campbell, PhD).

See if this analysis and their solutions of Fund we can achieve improved and not have to go to the doctor for one larger medium-or long-term problem or continue covering the real causes with pills. Read more from Dr Kirsten Müller-Vahl to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Get beyond the grounds which are awarded by popular beliefs; investigating, today the Internet can be a valuable source of information, just be careful that the source of the information is reliable. Searches for possible causes and practical solutions to split it into an analysis of your habits and behaviors that improve them can make you improve your quality of life. There is back pain are not as serious, are only due to live in not correct positions, write down these evils, searched possible causes you favourable them and seeks to resolve the problem of Fund. Correct our bad habits and fix our way to solve everything with pills, surely will help to achieve better physical health and, why not say it, also economic.

Learn how to manage our stress or stop eating improper foods and perform more conducive as a little exercise activities help us to build a good health. A life more harmonious and well nourished in every sense will consequently throw a better quality of life. You must inform us, investigate more, ask more. Best thoughts and better habits to build a healthier life. Ponte in action and reinvent your life.

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