It is well known that there are a significant number of people with enough money and space to allow the construction of a nuclear shelter staff for themselves and loved ones so that, in the case of a hypothetical nuclear attack at a global level, they can survive in it long enough until the danger passes. Because it seems that you for those who are fortunate to enjoy the wonderful island of Ibiza, this problem can be passed to the queue in terms of our preferential concerns already that, according to the well-known French anthropologist Michel de Notre – Dame, better known as Nostradamus, in the event of nuclear war the only place on the planet is that survival will be possible will be Ibizadue to their special currents of air. Certainly for those who like prophecies, planetary and events more pseudo-science that give much magical insight but no less certain of the world in which we live, is an interesting story and even, in extreme cases, an absolute truth. From my point of view, the real news It is the use that institutions can make this small magical tale, for putting Ibiza on the map, a boring winter. How gossip becomes news and for some absolute truths in the world is full; information travels so quickly nowadays and the need by many of a parallel world of magic and beyond our control makes this type of stories calen in many, who may say with the excitement of the world that they live in the place in which Nostradamus discovered paradise.

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