Tatar Diseases

Treated for fistulas, burns, ointment, balm containing a mixture of swine visceral fat and wax in equal amounts that are imposed by the band. In our times have come down to the ancient manuscripts, written in the languages of the Near, Middle East and Tibet – Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Chinese, Indian, Tatar, Azeri, – wherever mentioned balms, with remarkable unanimity, they are regarded as a safe drug that cures many diseases. A special place in the history of medicine should be given balsams from snake venom – they are from ancient times used to treat various diseases. For many centuries, the secrets of making drugs from the venom of snakes were kept in deep secrecy. History has to today only a few details about the ancient "snake balms." King of Pontus Mithridates VI Eupator (132-63 years. BC.

Oe.) Daily took a small dose of venom to become immune to the action of the poison, which he feared get with the 'food or drink from the contenders for power. Created within the complex composition of the antidote, which contains the various parts of plants, opium, vysupgennye bodies of snakes and dozens of other products of animal, vegetable and mineral origin, was named mitridatumom. Subsequently, on the basis of the balm there are dozens of other antidotes, including the most famous – teryak, for centuries been used in Europe and Asia for the treatment of people affected by the bites of poisonous reptiles. In the Middle Ages snake venom used to make "magic drinks" and ointments from leprosy and fever, plague, and rheumatism, epilepsy and Parkinson's disease, trachoma and pyogenic ulcers. However, it took several centuries to a scientific point of view to explain the success of the practical application of drugs snake venoms. It is now established that this group substances, including proteins, enzymes, toxins, pigments, fats, minerals, highly selective action, the ability to intervene in individual units subtle biochemical processes in vivo. Some snake venoms are widely used as hemostatic, analgesic, anticancer agents for the prevention and treatment of muscular and articular rheumatism, inflammatory processes, neuralgia, radiculitis., polyarthritis, pleurisy, asthma and other diseases. Treatment should be under the supervision of a physician and authorized use of medication, or biological active additives. Nowadays, healing salves range is constantly expanding with the introduction into medical practice previously known compositions (Bittner Balsam, Maurer, Karavaeva, Vishnevsky, etc.) and in connection with development of new ("Berosus," "Flora", "Fitulvent", "Grail", balsamic oil extraction, etc.). As in ancient times, both in the products of the mineral, vegetable and animal origin involves the high effectiveness in the prevention and treatment of many diseases.

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