Traditionally, Buddhist mala consists of 108 beads the same size may have 109 accounts, 108 count mantra and the supplementary account of Guru, that is where the bad ends in tassel or Crown. The mind of the Guru is added as a reminder of the gratitude to the teacher by transmitting the teaching. It is used to keep track of the recitations of mantras or words of power. The sacred number 108 predata the emergence of Buddhism, where the classic number attached within Hinduism to name deities or gods. Read more from muscular dystrophy to gain a more clear picture of the situation. As a multiple of 12 and 9, representing the nine planets in the twelve houses of the zodiac. As a multiple of 27 and 4, it also symbolizes the four quarters of the Moon in each of the 27 Lunar mansions or constellations. Nine is also a magic number, since any number multiplied by itself, results in a figure where the sum of its digits, is also a multiple of nine. Mantras are recited for the purpose of implementing the four lit outdoor activities: pacify (barriers in the) Road), enrich (development potential), fascinating (to humans toward their awakening) and destroy (the obscurecimientos to knowledge). In the rituals of increase or enrichment, the accounts must add 108 be colored Earth, coffee, gold, bronze, copper. mala is conceived as an effective means to dominate the 108 worldly passions. How should a Mala I use? The poor are used to moving the fingers of the left hand beginning with the first account after account of the Guru. Everytime he recites a mantra full then goes to the next account. Once you have completed a lap of the bad and arrives at the account of Guru then reverses the direction. The belief does not hold account of the teacher or Guru is due to a feeling of devotion, willingness or respect for the same reason. Maht rigpa original author and source of the article

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