Elements In Chinese Medicine

5 elements (fire, earth, metal, water and wood) – it fundamentlnoe concept in Chinese metaphysics, Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong and martial arts. The Chinese name of Wu Xing. Wu – it's really 5, but Xing means an act, an act walk behavior. Therefore '5 elements' – that is the wrong translation, which leads to inefficient use of Feng Shui practice. (Source: Matthew Halsall). When we say 'element', we assume that we are talking about matter and material things of the world (Metal like gold or silver, water, fire, wood and earth). People understand these things and their features. But Xing – this is not a material concept.

Such a misconception about the 5 element is created for a long time and strongly rooted in the Western world and the majority of practitioners of Feng Shui, so it's too late and there is no point in changing the name, but have only started in the right sense of this important and fundamental concepts. Thus, Wu Xing -5 types action. What is the action? Renowned Chinese astrologer Xu Le Wu, who lived 80 years ago, explains Wu Shing as 5 types of dominant, dominant Chi. If we turn to the four seasons of the year, we see that in the winter dominates qi of water in the spring – tree in the summer – fire in the autumn – metal. The land, which is located in the center, is the boundary between seasons. Qi is the strongest land between summer and autumn, ie in late summer.

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Hexagon Pencils

Two weeks later, "burst", I wrote a complete book. Perhaps check out Martha McClintock for more information. Yes, not everything written down. Do not want to ship the readers what I wrote then. I will describe just the items (which are remembered now) without explanation. 1.Vspomnil as radio operators repaired the station with a pencil, rolling up a sheet of paper and rubbed his pencil. Realized that the pen can be used for the repair of radio engineering in the field. 2.If the Hexagon Pencils put on the table in large numbers will turn a good massage.

3.Kruglye pencils can underlay under heavy objects when you move them and they go like skating rinks. 4.Neplohoy building material, and for the models. 5. texts. 6.Neploho leads welding wires when soldering can not be use. 7.Neploho sparks in the night, can be used as a source of light.

8.Grifel used in cinema for the world. 9.Bez slate pencil can be used for shooting matches, spitting. 10. used as air guns (Africa). 11.Cherez opening slate objects look clearer, manifested a photoelectric effect. 12. used for drinking cocktails. The Applications have been invented and in detail painted several dozen new ways to use a pencil. After that I became more careful to treat. No less interesting was the discovery of new attributes and their description. 1.Cherez opening slate objects look clearer, manifested a photoelectric effect. 2.When heated slate and wood elongate unevenly (due to different coefficients of expansion). 3.Pri heating due to the presence of irregular cavities in the wood pencil imperceptibly distorts its shape.

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