Health Mat: So It

The training on the soft elastic health mat kyBounder brings a special training incentive and thus reduces the risk of injury due to instability. Roggwil/Switzerland, may 10, 2010: With spring comes the desire to run. But after a long winter break, the preparation is important. An effective tool for this is the kyBounder, a soft elastic health mat special polyurethane foam. Read additional details here: The Greater New York Construction User Council. Exercises on the kyBounder are excellent to strengthen the foot -, tibia, and fibula muscle, as well as to improve the coordination of the whole body. n the topic. The health mat is”an unstable surface on which the body balance over a fine muscle together game should be tarred from, explains kybun coach Thomas Muller.

Besides the muscles and balance, the important motion for the axes of the leg and hip stability have been trained with the kyBounder. This is useful also for the large number of season runners who now populate their favourite tracks. Make going to the true national sport no. 1. According to surveys of major sporting goods manufacturers, there are approximately 11 million people who regularly or occasionally run in Germany. By comparison, the number of active footballers is 6.35 million.

The positive effects of the barrel are known: it can help reduce weight, are used to reduce stress and bring about a strengthening of the cardiovascular and immune systems. Another advantage of running is that everyone with a pair of shoes without further requirements can practice this sport. After a longer break season runners should avoid but, with zeal back to become a. Although the heart-vascular system quickly to the new strain, but when tendons become accustomed to in healthy people and this process takes longer tapes. In combination with fatigue a high ankle risk as a result. The associated injuries, such as sprains, ligament and cracks, and at worst make ankle fractures, over 80% of the injuries at the running out.

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