Less Is Often More

Restaurant review by top hotel: the ‘ Hanse Stube’ at Cologne Excelsior Hotel Ernst the Hanse Stube in the leading Hotel Excelsior Ernst in Koln belongs to most refined restaurants in Germany. But in the test is capable of not entirely convince the kitchen performance of Chef Pierre Meyer. The judgment of experienced restaurant critic Hans Peter O. Breuer (refer to the current issue of the journal top hotel) is still positive: the Hanseatic League reached 71 points (maximum of 100 available) room a good. The benevolent Breuer’s resume includes also criticism of misleading labels and terms. The advertised innovative French cuisine with culinary finesse”was a drop of good too much just in the main courses would be a focus on clear Geschmacklichkeiten just the win. But this does not diminish, the Breuer of the professional persuasion clearly attests the chef.

In the advisory capacity of service forces, he noticed Gourmet certain knowledge gaps, but praises the joyful commitment. “Conclusion: restaurant Hanse Stube” Cologne’s first house out of place, the classically elegant Excelsior Hotel Ernst on the Cathedral Square, is and remains not only Cologne’s good, but best in the sense of the gastronomic and gastgeberisch solid proven Exchange. The test results at a glance: Kitchen location / type of target group – 80% originality/creativity – 60% seasonality – freshness of 70% – 80% optics – flexibility of 60% – 75% refinement (amuse-bouche, breads, petits fours) – 60% SERVICE reservation/reception/adoption – 70% consulting expertise – handling of 50% – 50% Gepflegtheit of employees – 70% complaints/requests – 80% refinement (kindness, warmth, naturalness) – 85% AMBIENCE cleanliness – 80% convenience/Setup – 75% ventilation – 80%-sanitary facilities – 80% site type – 100% refinement (our own good tasteThat distinctiveness, lighting, color air)-85% wine scope of supply – 75% “Location / type of target group – 80% wine care – 80% wine service – 70% menu-oriented wine advice – 80% just wine glasses – 75% value – 80% refinement (Special aperitifs, digestives, extraordinary alternatives) – 75% overall – 71% (100-81 very good; 80-61; 60-41 satisfying; deficient; 40-21 20-0 insufficient) Hans Peter O. Breuer published restaurant reviews for many years and others in the journal top hotel”. Breuer is one of the renowned and most read gourmet testers and writers in German-speaking countries.

Top hotel is the renowned journal for the hotel management in Germany. The magazine published ten times a year in the leisure-Verlag, Landsberg, a company of Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt (VHB). The widespread circulation is 20,000 copies. “” “In conjunction with the VHB subsidiary food practice Verlag (LPV) appear” including the kitchen, catering inside “, convenience shop” and food practice “. More information: for further information: Thomas Karsch, karsch top hotel de, top hotel leisure publishing Landsberg GmbH, Celsius 7, 86899 Landsberg am Lech, Tel. + 49 (0) 8191 947 160, fax + 49 (0) 8191 947 1666 press service: Carsten Hennig, mobile + 49 (0) 160 958 377 56, ch news-good com keywords: restaurant test, Hanse Stube, Excelsior Hotel Ernst, Cologne, Hans Peter O. Breuer, top hotel press release for download: docs.google.com/Doc?id=dc92fq85_627vt2zh8f4

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These products also benefit patients with chronic Darmentzung. The ISO-caloric, fiber-free FRESUBIN ORIGINAL DRINK has a balanced fatty acid pattern for vessels, cardiovascular, immune system and covers the supply of vitamins and trace elements. In addition, the high-calorie FRESUBIN ENERGY DRINK for people with increased energy and nutrient requirements suitable. FRESUBIN energy fibre DRINK and FRESUBIN are protein energy DRINK in different flavors on offer. The AvivMed focuses on the Enteral nutrition and the area of incontinence. The offer can be found only on the Internet at. The health store AvivMed exists since 2003 and has delivered affordable, fast and reliable to its customers in Germany and in other European countries since many thousand orders.

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Europe Cup For The Best Pies

Andreas Zettler became champion in the discipline of King Andreas Zettler from Gunzburg 2009 again as European Pakalsieger awarded pates and terrines in the category. He received eight medals, seven gold and one silver. The eel Terrine with truffles, the paste of the Barbarieentenbrust with Sweetchilli and Bourbon Vanilla, were awarded with gold deer fillet pastry cake with red pepper and Chanterelles, surf & turf – a combination of beef tenderloin and lobster Pate, the fruity combination of rabbit fillet Pate with carrot and mango-papaya Chutney, quail breast Pate with truffles and pistachios, as well as veal tenderloin pate with pistachios and Chanterelles. Close to the gold medal over the cancer tail Terrine with dill tips has been reviewed, received silver. Roermond (NL) / Gunzburg.

Combining the finest ingredients with an equally appetising appearance is considered a Supreme discipline of the Delicatessen production. A Masters of this art comes from Gunzburg and is Andreas M. Zettler. The programmed cooking recently, succeeded in the footsteps his father to compete and to win the FA Cup as best pates and terrines manufacturer in Europe with its submitted specialities in the Dutch Roermond. The award recognizes the highest level of creativity and craft work in the manufacture of this product category.

Eight medals (7 gold, 1 silver) were the reward of the effort had made himself the young cook in advance. The neutral international jury was thrilled by the innovative as well as harmonious delights, Andreas Zettler had dreamed up. The description alone is suitable to run the water in your mouth along the gourmets. Finally apply pies as a classic appetizer, which does not saturate, but to be eye and palate to more delights in the context of a fine menu. The eel Terrine with truffles, the paste of the Barbarieentenbrust with Sweetchilli and Bourbon Vanilla, were awarded with gold deer fillet pastry cake with red pepper and Chanterelles, surf & turf”a combination of beef and Lobster pie, the fruity combination of rabbit fillet Pate with carrot and mango papaya Chutney, quail breast Pate with truffles and pistachios, as well as veal fillet pastry with pistachio nuts and Chanterelles. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out The Michael J. Fox Foundation. Close to the gold medal over the cancer tail Terrine with dill tips has been reviewed, received silver. “Andreas Zettler considered the trophy in recognition of his culinary works of art: If you can assert itself against strong competition from Belgium, France and the Netherlands, which is already a beautiful award”, the champion is pleased. At the 28th International competition for raw sausage, ham and pies, the jurors had to assess about 700 sent samples from around the world. Especially the sensory test (smell, taste, consistency) played a role in the assessment. But also technical quality, uniform processing, as well as original optics were rewarded according to the strict point scheme. In the framework of the solemn handover ceremony, the Confrerie of des Chevaliers you Goute Andouille de Jargeau the Honorary certificate and which were Grand Bailliage of Pays-Bas Presented with medals at Theater hotel of the city Roermond. When participating in international competition, Europe’s best chefs and butchers master proved that they are still the best professionals for the special pleasure with their hand-made products. They create specialties that are individually manufactured with respect for the ingredients and with attention to detail. The recognition by a jury is considered as the measure of all things but also for the best Guild of less, rather every day the enthusiasm of the most demanding guests and customers.

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