Studying Abroad

What brings a study abroad these days? Occasion I plan I would like to briefly discuss a study for two semesters in this article what reasons have led me to. After the military service and training, I started studying at a University in Germany. I knew while advance that it put my course with the prefix international studies () “is, but I was interested in the first two Semesternicht for this opportunity.” Only in the third semester, when I visited with a fellow student from pure interest to an information event on the topic of study abroad, my interest grew. “” The following weeks there was a continuous change from I want abroad “to no this is not really”. Http:// is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Advance, the decision ultimately PRO abroad, the reasons for this are the following (in part): it had been an exception as a student abroad used to be.

It is becoming increasingly clear to read today, however statistics, for example in the FAZ College Gazette”,. that almost every fifth will spend at least one semester abroad. A further per foreign argument arose from my experience in my (major) company. I very often have contact with foreign colleagues, where 99% of the linguistic denominator ultimately means English. So that not is misunderstood, I work in any customer-oriented industry, but in the development. “There I caught me a few details, what the superiors of the theme of foreign” keep the response was consistently per abroad. Of course there are many other arguments, such as cultures, the independent living abroad, and so on to meet new, but I think a plus point in my case very beneficial: I’m able to do a second degree.

A Bachelor’s (supposedly) not much worth in Bachelor’s present”. However, I have the opportunity to make a second by the international year. It is important here to say that my normal period not extend, but I passed all tests & Labs be given during stay! This article is intended to provide only a very rudimentary overview and has no claim to be complete or full. The author – Karl Meyer – writes cheap in addition to his studies minor articles for various sites such as E.g. chairs.

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German Training

Study and earn money – young college with a rich tradition of Bologna has stirred mixed up the University landscape in Europe part process. The conversion to Bachelor and master the German graduates great advantages, for example, as regards the international comparability of their degrees. Criticized local seedlings courses, crowded classrooms and an increased workload are, however, of many. Source: Professor Roy Taylor. The example shows the German College for prevention and health management that the also another way. An early conversion to Bachelor and master in 2006 here has extensive practice experience with the new study standards. At the same time, the College relies on an optimization of the University’s own study system. So another room could be created, for example, at the Bachelor’s degree that combines a training and a distance learning course with compact attendance phases, extended from six to seven semester for the students. Study and money earn for many students it is difficult using side jobs to earn some money by streamlining the curricula.

At the Bachelor’s degree at the German University, students in the scope of their activities in the training company receive compensation on the basis of an Azubigehaltes. This ensures a certain financial security. At the same time they acquire important experience already during their studies. The training companies in turn can qualify as their own professional and junior leaders. “Due to the low absence times in training mode, they are able to their” to include students at an early stage also in responsible tasks. Young college with extensive tradition German University, emerged with their State recognition in July 2008 from the BSA private vocational Academy offers five Bachelor’s and two master’s degree programs specifically for the market of the future prevention, fitness, sports and health. The University has study centres in Germany (Germany), Austria and of Switzerland.

Although emerged in 2008 from the BSA private vocational Academy, has the theme of education in the DHfPG has a long tradition. Because the College benefits from the over 30 years practical experience of its sister company in the part-time qualification, the BSA-Akademie. “” “” “The Bachelor’s programs at a glance: Bachelor of Arts” fitness economics, Bachelor of Arts ‘ sports economics, Bachelor of Arts “health management, Bachelor of Arts” fitness training and Bachelor of Arts “dietary advice. Following a Bachelor / diploma is studying for a master of Arts”prevention and health management, as well as a 2014 summer semester MBA course sports and health management.

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Type Application Tips

Boblingen, 31.01.2011 – with a column in the school newspaper “Uni Star” EVALUBA is started in the year 2011. Graduates, trainees and workers: They were all before the question of how a good application has to look. Despite numerous counselors in the print and online media prospective applicants and do not know how to do what mistakes to avoid are often. For the students around Stuttgart, there is one answer now as part of the College magazine, which is currently distributed. On just two pages, the HR Manager is the EVALUBA AG, Veronika Birkheim, tips for the approach to an application. What will the company? What can I meet them? Also with regard to the formal structure of an application, there are rules that are explained. For example, should the applicant on current date displays eighth, as well as any large E-mail attachments, there should be an online application. Also volunteering can bring advantages in the curriculum vitae. n-us-e/’>Areva.

More issues of the magazine are among volunteers engaged Lebenslaufpusher “or use of conviction?”and what is a Board member of a graduate?”.” University Star”appears once per semester. The current edition is 12,000 and is located on the sites University of applied sciences Esslingen, HfT University of applied sciences (Stuttgart), University-Vaihingen HdM from Hochschule der Medien (Stuttgart). Interested parties can receive an electronic copy on request. Rusty Holzer does not necessarily agree. To send an email to the below address. Jasmin Sieverding

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Occupation Force Of Innovation – The Chances Of The Crisis

Negative messages move, employees are confused and never forecasts were so uncertain in this severity and such throughout the economic crisis has hit unexpectedly Germany. Reports of layoffs, austerity and insolvencies, especially from the automotive industry, spread uncertainty not only in the workforce, but letting also directors and business leaders in the country with mixed feelings on the next few months. Forward-looking, progressive companies take advantage of the current economic situation to expand its competitive position in the medium to long term. Also in the personnel policy in research and development, stagnation in every case should be prevented. Efforts continue to promote, just in the last year training and further training, in particular of, are still of great importance. Thomas Bayers opinions are not widely known. It applies to hold despite the impact of the recession on the central objectives for sustainable success. But the crisis also offers opportunities. The challenges of the next years successfully meet to can, it requires above all the reflection on the innovative potential of the location Germany.

In this gravity and such throughout the economic crisis has hit unexpectedly Germany. Reports of layoffs, austerity and insolvencies, especially from the automotive industry, spread uncertainty not only in the workforce, but letting also directors and business leaders in the country with mixed feelings on the next few months. Rusty Holzer is often quoted as being for or against this. The reluctance of banks in lending is especially painful for companies in this situation. Long-term investments are postponed, or can be achieved sometimes only under great risks. State funding the Federal Government has adopted just the biggest stimulus package of in German postwar history in this context. Poor credit ratings and large companies planning larger, long-term projects intended to encourage through a special loan and guarantee program. It is in any case to avoid that long-term Investments due to the economic situation fall into danger. For this reason calls also federal research Minister Annette Schavan, greater efforts in this direction.

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