Tips for the proper storage of a sandbox by Raj-garden. Selfkant, the 22.11.2010 – the beautiful days in the sandbox this year are as good as over. It is now high time to weatherproof the sandbox and all other toys in the garden. The simplest solution is a stable, impermeable cover for your sandbox. When purchasing the correct size of the cover, because nothing is more annoying than if the lid does not close closes the sandbox.

Alternatively, you can cover the sand pit with a tarp or a tear-resistant foil. Who has room in the basement or shed, inward in the dry, which should get the sandbox and other mobile equipment. If you are using the game sand long time, it is now perhaps also at the time, to throw the old game sand away. Next spring you can buy then fresh sand for the sandbox. Clean the sandbox and the other toys be sure before you Winterize it. In the next year you will have again building up to do even more.

Also check whether your sandbox already varnished / painted / is impregnated. Not always, equipment must be treated equally after the purchase. Waive all cases on chemicals that might irritate your children playing in the sand pit next year. Peter Hay press Coordinator

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Spare Parts Cistern And The Urinal!

Spare parts / cistern are discovered during the daily cleaning and tour in the public urinal. Spare parts / cistern are discovered during the daily cleaning and tour in the public urinal. Once again a hobby craftsmen has been amicably if this was well meant to repair the water supply. Because otherwise the connecting piece to the Trace Panel probably would not broken. The float is stuck also limestone deposits have left their mark on the inlet valve. A complete overhaul can no longer avoid. First of all all defective or worn parts take out and manually close the drain. A lime removing end agents in the water tank fill and once work edges of lime or lime to the parts leave until the to evaporate.

Then drain the water and clean the box. Spare parts / cistern can be exchanged now better and the urinal is ready for use again. Who uses a public restroom should remember how much work of course not a poo “or”Pfutzchen”can leave. To get even the bored need what the employment and the leisure painter who at home have no time – or writing pads and leave their spiritual outpourings on walls or simply satisfy the frustrated which must omit their inner dissatisfaction on the common property and their fury in destruction are looking for a field of activity. Happy then someone to have secured a job because it yes also not the purses are going. Environment is also respect for material things especially when everyone has a share. Flock is also crap it means – can be transferred on spare parts / cistern in the public urinal to be a huge factor.

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