Petrov Children

Of fruit were mostly melons, oranges, figs and grapefruit. Sometimes, apples and bananas. But the guides say that May – it is simply not in season fruit. The entire area is scattered bars. Those who are near the salt pools and the beach – there is only beverages. There is a big Marbella bar, where besides the usual drinks makes a good cappuccino and espresso, has always if you do not have donuts, then fries, flaky scones, and from 16:00 to 18:00 the four types of ice cream. The hotel staff is very friendly, always joking with the children. Almost all Russian animators.

Always call to play games, do aerobics. In the evening hold different views, though they can hardly be called talented. But especially like to mention a leading children’s club Lynn. She loves children, and children are very fond of her. During the day, from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 15:00 to 17:00, it takes children classes. In the evening, conducting a mini disco for them. Rewards kids with diplomas for their active participation. Our girls just loved her.

Even after the release of her often remember and want to contact her by e-mail. Beach spacious, sandy. You can always find space under umbrellas on the sun loungers. In the sandy bottom. You can wander through knee-deep water, children can splash about. On the beach there is a bridge with four staircases to descend into the water. The coral reef is very beautiful and diverse. Fish a lot. Snorkeling is magnificent. True, the beach is always open and the wind for five days out of seven were waves. However, swam and watched the fish at all times. On the bridge is always on duty lifeguard. Maybe I’m just a man, but I always caught myself thinking that I like everything. Of course, I would like to go more in other places, but I still really want to ever again return to the Serenity. True, it’s 7 nights small. 10 – this is much better. In general, we enjoyed it, absolutely. It seems that the reviews on sites primarily write disgruntled people. Satisfied, perhaps, rest, fun and excitement and go home satisfied. A eternally dissatisfied and returned to write the terms of any negative things. And in the end want to again thank Eugene and Svetlana from the agency “All Year”. Thank you very much! The next time we’ll look to you and all friends advise.

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Lake “Bear” – The Russian “Dead” Sea

Footage Few people know that in Russia, near Barrow, 20 km from the station located Petuhovo unique lake, “Bear.” In the name of an ancient lake hidden legend according to which the bear with a sore paw, every morning from sunrise to come to the lake and dropped it in his paw for a treat. Lake has absorbed all the illness bear. Bear recovered, and the lake took shape bear. So what is the uniqueness of the lake “Bearish”? Great. Partition the island into two small lakes and the Great Bear. Its circumference is more than 60 km.

Looked at from one bank to another, it seems the opposite edge of a narrow band lurking in the haze. Salty. Water on its appearance resembles a concentrated salt solution. The salt concentration in the lake Bear is much higher than the concentration of salt in the Dead Sea. It’s very interesting to swim in the lake Bear.

Swim in the way we used to, almost impossible, because of the high salt concentration, water just pushes out. You can just lie down on the water, take a book in your hands and surrender to the will of the wind easily. Almost impossible to sink. Medicine. Contained in the waters of Lake Bear salts have a therapeutic and preventive effect on the human body. Increases metabolism. The whole atmosphere around the lake is full of fumes, which calm the nervous system. After 2-3 days of rest at the lake comes the calm in the consciousness of the problems recede into the background and seem insignificant. I want to just wander around the lake and not think about nothing. The most therapeutic part of the lake – it’s silt mud, which has properties worth more than useful and Dead Sea mud. From different parts of Russia, people come, that would stock up the most valuable natural wealth – mud mud lake Bear. From bottles and jars, they are stocking up the mud with mud, which would further use it to treat diseases of the nervous system, gynecological, bone and muscle tissue. In a village on the shore of the lake can be heard numerous rumors about women who could not have children and just swim in the Lake, pregnant and gave birth to a strong and healthy children. Small. It seems impossible, but with such enormous size, the average depth of 50-70 cm of the lake can spend hours wandering on foot along the lake and did not go deeper than his waist. It especially like the little children and their parents. You can leave your children with little supervision and be confident that they will not drown. Bear Lake – The Russian “Dead” Sea. Come, do not regret and do not forget to take a camera and make some unique shots and insert into beautiful vignettes. Nice view and great memories for years to come you are guaranteed.

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