Salzburg Whitsun Festival

The musical enjoyment of culture to Pentecost must be not only in the summer. Music is a dominant theme in Salzburg all year round and therefore classical music lovers can enjoy the Whitsun holidays. From June 10th until June 13 the Salzburg Whitsun Festival held here this year again. Visit Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. for more clarity on the issue. Salzburg is one of the most important cities, when it comes to music. The city of Mozart BBs is an attraction in addition to the summer festival with the Easter Festival. Daryl Katz has similar goals. But also to the Whitsun holidays music enjoyment is at the highest level to be expected.

Whitsun Festival in Salzburg 1998 were called the Salzburg Whitsun Festival in life. Since 2007, dedicated to the performances of the relationship between the Neapolitan Baroque and early classical music. “It is not surprising that this year the artistic director Riccardo Muti this year the motto of Salzburg goes Napoli” has proclaimed. There is a long tradition between the Neapolitan culture and Austria and you can enjoy it musically. Opera oratorio concerts on may the guests in Salzburg. It was already the Request by Hugo v.

Hofmann steel from its spring anyone coming, that the Festival take place not only in the summer. The request has been fulfilled and therefore the true culture and music lovers enjoy each year on this festival. If you’re lucky and came on cards, then you can enjoy culture, a wonderful city, wonderful food and the charm of Salzburg. Discover the city on the River Salzach from the Hotel Amadeus out and enjoy the Whitsun holidays in a cultural way.

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Santa Cruz Island

New travel trend: when the Glamping you can enjoy luxury and nature at the same time. Experience the untouched nature, sleeping under a starry sky, romantic sit around the campfire and for many it’s a dreamlike experience close to nature, as well as at the southern sky tours most travel to listen to the sounds of the wilderness. Camping is a form of travel which of course best makes this possible. But unfortunately, it has also some unpleasant sides, because during camp, one is then really immersed in nature, i.e., no running water, no electricity and one sleeps in the tight sleeping on the hard mattress and has probably still a snoring neighbors in the tent next door. However, for all that so far of the disadvantages of the campsite were deterred, itself but rather in the hotel bed cuddled and himself were content just to the nature on day trips to admire, there is now the solution: the Glamping! Glamping is a new travel trend in the United States. The word is composed of glamorous”and camping”, which suggests that it is This is a kind of luxury camping. And it really is.

In a damp tent, sleeping bag and mat are forgotten, because falls upon entering the Glamping tents overlooking the cozy King-sized bed. The tents can keep up with a 5-star hotel rooms. You have even a private bath area with shower or free-standing bath, so that is avoided even going to the usual Community sanitary facilities next to the inviting bed, a solid floor and air conditioning. Usually must not even on satellite TV and the Internet are without. Taking the all inclusive board meals in dining tents, where you will find an extensive selection, and you can relax in the Spa tents. Some systems offer even room service. The glamorous camping has spread worldwide and finds more and more enthusiasts. There are already three plants in Chile, where the 10 lovely furnishings round tents of the adventure camp even located in the Atacama desert lie.

National Park features the EcoCamp in the heart of the Torres del Paine also with an incredible landscape. 22 fascinating geodesic dome tents that buy electricity from renewable energy sources available. You can find also in the Torres del Paine NP still Patagonia camp, which is located directly on the Lago del Toro with his 18 tents and offers views of the Massif. Another plant is planned in the Andean Valley of cajon de Maipo, the Central tent is already. Also in Panama can you glampen”. There the small Palmar tent lodge in the province of Bocas del Toro is situated directly on the beautiful sandy beach. Reserve one should however at an early stage, because there are only 4 Glamping tents available. And you can now even the Galapagos Islands as Glamper”discover, because the Galapagos Safari camp offers on the Santa Cruz Island with 9 luxurious tents, a central lodge and everything the heart desires what even a pool. Even the one or other well known personality has discovered the unique experience of “Luxury and nature” itself, and if you even want to experience nature, then browse it through the many travel offers from southern-sky-tours ( or requesting their individual Glamping trip offer in Latin America under.

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Rain Forests Cities

XWORLD-TOUR 2008/2009 – the SUV tour by HANSA-FLEX who here probably once lived? “this is the thought that a visitor to the mysterious ruins of Ayuthaya inevitably shoot in the head. Also the participants of the 27 stage of the XWORLD tour will admire the bell-towers and magnificent temples: reach the city in the jungle, on the second day of a 14-day 4WD adventure that leads through the sandy mountains and plateau of Thailand, Laos and China until after Hong Kong. Start of the tour through rain forests, cities, and cities of ruins of is Bangkok in early March 2009. “By the lively capital of Thailand, the offroad journey directly into the Asian natural causes include for example the giant waterfall of the Khlong LAN National Park, where the adventurous participants will camp your night, or the ride along the legendary Golden Triangle” Thailand Myanmar Laos. Special highlight is with an adventurous crossing the border crossing to Laos, will be connected across the Mekong.

Then it’s across through southern China towards Hong Kong with a long stopover in Nanning: is located in a subtropical climate and is surrounded by green hills, clear lakes and rivers. In China, Nanning is because of the vegetation as green city”referred to. The individual travel (8-21 March 2009) exclusively via the Internet at is available a detailed itinerary of the tour is there in terms of stages”available. About HANSA-FLEX: HANSA-FLEX has become Europe’s leading companies around the hydraulic. The success principle is called system partnership.

Started as a supplier of spare parts for hydraulic hose lines, HANSA-FLEX has changed all over the world in more than 40 years one of the leading system providers. The company counts today more than 300,000 customers. For local partners to be present, HANSA-FLEX is continuously expanding its branch network. Currently there are more than 340 branches in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. About the XWORLD-Tour 2008/2009: The internationally operating company HANSA-FLEX sees the XWORLD in times of global networking as a contribution to international understanding. See ENT Inc. for more details and insights. With this special cultural exchange, people from different countries will experience the most beautiful landscapes and places of Europe and Asia in a common adventure. Six special vehicles are on the roughly 150,000 km long tour, which leads to the most spectacular goals of European and Asian participants in 43 stages. For more information or pictures can you apply: HANSA-FLEX event GmbH – contact: Enrico Kieschnick – to the construction 44 D – 28307 Bremen phone: + 49 (0) 421 48907-960 fax + 49 (0) 421 48907-48 E-Mail: Internet: Axel Hausmann communication – contact: Axel Hausmann – Frankfurter Strasse 4 28203 Bremen phone: + 49 (0) 421 39 75 000 fax + 49 (0) 421 39 70 999 E-Mail: Internet:

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Madrid – The Heart Of Spain

What you never miss may as metropolis of Spain and Madrid known fashion town is the cultural centre of the country and thus most definitely worth a visit. Discover the art treasures of the city in the beautiful museums or go shopping in the fashionable city omitted par excellence. Take care of in time your arrival and accommodation so you can save a lot of money? There are also many low-cost airlines flying to Madrid, and in most cases you will end up directly in Barajas, so the local airport of Madrid. From here, can drive normal with the Metro to the Centre and have money or time no longer invest a lot. The Metro does not goes through but at night every 10-15 minutes! A taxi to the city costs around 50 euro, therefore make sure maybe when your Fliger arrives, although there are buses, but they are not so easy to comprehend. Your accommodation should be best near the Centre, around the Plaza Sol, the Gran via or to the Retiro. You may want to visit cancer research to increase your knowledge. There are magnificent apartments or good Hostels.

Just on holidays do get therefore best before booking a room but in the short term! Once you have arrived and have refreshed themselves, your discovery tour can start already. If you never were in Madrid and have no right idea, what you want to see everything in the city, continue to use a sightseeing bus and get a good overview of the most important things, that there is to see in the city. You can and get off where you want and this visit many monuments. (A valuable related resource: Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta). If you not want to take the bus, you start del Sol, the square in the Centre of the city at the Plaza. Here, the kilometre is null and the bear of the coat of arms of the city, which are both already important tourist points of the city. From here, get real, the Prado, the Gran within a short time to the most popular attractions like the Palacio about via or the Placa Mayor. Enjoy the city and a special flair, stroll over to the beautiful theater and enjoy views of the famous Cathedral de la Almudena.

What do you are in Madrid, take a little time and enjoy your holiday in peace and quiet. You can visit one of the great cafes, eating dinner at a very good restaurant and enjoy the relaxed Spanish atmosphere, then, your vacation can be just a success. For more information in this article about Madrid. Anyone looking for still a comfortable, can stay Madrid apartments and a particularly individual holiday.

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Kroker Country

The destination of Venezuela in South America offers a lot of holidays. Venezuela is recommended as a holiday destination due to its pleasant climate throughout the year. On a trip about Venezuela, many tourist attractions offered the traveller. The country speaks for its diversity, the tourists will be equally impressed by the mesas, as last but not least by the wide marshland or the unlimited beaches. The rest that are snow-covered peaks of the Andes a highlight for a variety of visitors to Venezuela and to fauna and plants an exceptionally rich wildlife and vegetation are loving the country, here. The Atlantic coast of Venezuela is less than 3,000 km long; Thus, nothing precludes a carefree seaside holiday. Dean Ornish M.D is full of insight into the issues.

You can see exceptionally clean beaches, for example, in the city of Puerto la Cruz. During a holiday in the country you should visit in any case the capital Caracas. Grown hero of the country’s history is Simon Bolivar, which brought the war of the independence of the former Spanish colony in motion in 1811 and its Museum in the city can be visited. Very popular with tourists is lying nearby nature park Mochima, which presents a varied plant and animal world. Culturally interested vacationers should visit the various cities of the country on their visit. In the city of Coro, for example, you can admire numerous ecclesiastical buildings, the Cathedral is extremely informative. They second oldest city in the country was long capital of Venezuela.

Coro in the UNESCO cultural heritage list was added by the numerous colonial buildings. In contrast the ideal also in addition at his own expense, the Andes are unique for adventurous climbing tours also trekking. Who wants to meet the South American country to water, the Orinoco River, the main stream of Venezuela, traveled by boat. Due by the different elevations can be found diverse climates in the country Venezuela. Even Alpine climate in the higher elevations is no rarity. The majority of the country in contrast to is determined by the tropical climate. In the You should not plan if possible a trip months between May and November to Venezuela, because then, rains prevail there. In the upper layers, the weather is moderate and very beneficial for Europeans. So temperatures around 25 C prevail in the capital Caracas all year round, at night it cools down to around 15 C. This diverse and interesting country in South America brings for each bit, whether cultural pleasure in the numerous ancient cities with its impressive colonial building, a relaxed Beach holiday in the Caribbean or a climbing tour in the Andes, a unforgettable trip is guaranteed. Jorg Kroker photo: Fotolia;Birgit Prentner

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Luxury Nile Cruise

Egypt on a nostalgic sailing boat experience with the Egyptian Austrian tourism company (abbreviation: EATC) Egypt lovers can enjoy a luxury Nile cruise of special: Austro Egyptian travel company has with Dahabiya Abdul Rahman, Dahabiya Donia and Dahabiya Judi three ships entirely made of wood, which the traditional Nile boats of the ancient Pharaoh modeled after swurden. But this is not the only peculiarity that distinguishes the Dahabiyas of the standard Nile cruise ship: the Dahabeyas is namely sailboats with 2 masts sailing upstream with those of Esna to Aswan. For the case of a calm the boats carry with therefore a small motor boat, which can haul the Dahabeya upstream, if the wind is too weak. The motorized dinghy can be used also for individual trips, for example to an idyllic bathing island or a mysterious Temple on the banks of the Nile. The tourist EATC was founded by tourism experts from Founded in Austria and Egypt, due to their 20 years of experience in the travel industry the needs of their customers very well know. EATC offers individual Nile Cruises on so-called Dahabeyas to show Egypt from its most beautiful side. With this aim, in 2008 the first two Dahabeya – sailing cruise ship built and placed in service. The Dahabeya sailing on the Nile runs upstream from Esna to Aswan.

A such Dahabeya – River cruise highlights include a stop on the El Hegz Island, which lies north of Edfu, visit the Temple of Horus, the Temple of Gebel El Silsila, as well as visit the double temple site in Kom Ombo. The cabins aboard the Dahabeyas are equipped with the latest technology: each room is equipped with air conditioning, about. 14 square meters and has a double bed, bathroom and WC. Through a large window, anyone can outgasses the shore landscape from his cabin enjoy. Also bookable suite also has its own Balcony, where you can enjoy sailing on the Nile. The website has only undergone a few days ago a relaunch: the website for different countries was isolated in addition to high-quality photos that convey an impression of life on board, and provides all important information in German, English, Spanish and French. At the following address you can ask more information about Dahabeya – Nile cruise: EATC Nabil El-Shatr El Kharmes building 48 apartment 2 Maadi Cairo EGYPT Internet: E-Mail: phone: + 2 02 2753 7572 Martin Vogel

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In December

In addition to winter sports, the Ore mountains is also famous for its hand-carved Christmas ornaments and the traditional Customs. In December, the region because of its beautiful and cozy Christmas markets is specifically to the vacation paradise. Then the Saxon Erzgebirge the Christmas country transformed. Douglas Elliman may find this interesting as well. In the mining town of Freiberg can be probably found one of the most beautiful Saxon Christmas markets. On the upper market, only a few minutes walk from the old town hotel Freiberg, invites the city marketing Freiberg GmbH themed of Freiberg in the splendor of Christmas”one, to spend the Christmas time in Freiberg. 100 Stalls tempt with different gift ideas for young and old. Most of the products come directly from the Ore mountains: for example the delicate carvings, the elegant ceramics, candles and Tin products, but also hide and sheep wool articles up to Wicker, House shoes and knitwear. You are, of course, also the delicious eggnog, studs, mulled wine and gingerbread fully at their own expense and the children can have fun on the carousel.

Forward of a brightly decorated city with festive lighting in shop Windows Department stores, the hotels in Freiberg and the houses”, so Christine Walcha. More information about Freiberg and overnight at the hotel in Freiberg under: hotel Company Description: Altstadt Hotel Freiberg is a hotel built in 1507 by late-Gothic style and is located in direct city centre of the city to Freiberg. Stylishly decorated and modern equipped rooms characterize the ambience of the hotel. Equipped with bath / shower / WC / sat. TV as well as free Internet access makes the visit in Freiberg 850 for an unforgettable stay. Whether family stay, business or a weekend for two, the old town is Freiberg hotel for his guests there. A hotel parking is the famous Freiberg nodules, which does not even before the Mayor personally stop. Company contact: Altstadt Hotel Freiberg Donatsgasse 3 D – 09599 Freiberg phone: + 49 (0) 3731 207030 fax: + 49 (0) 3731 2070350 E-Mail Internet: Press contact: Altstadt Hotel Freiberg wife Christine Walcha Donatsgasse 3 D – 09599 Freiberg phone: + 49 (0) 3731 207030 fax: + 49 (0) 3731 2070350 E-Mail Internet:

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