BAFICO – Hostile Takeover

Defense of hostile takeovers by BAFICO as “White Knight (white Ritter)” BAFICO Barter Capital is an appropriate remedy to prevent hostile takeovers. BAFICO venture capital finance group is an American financial group and funded companies and business transactions with barter capital (BC) all over the world. Basically, any firm financing with BAFICO BC is possible if equity is needed. Additional information at Les Turner ALS Foundation supports this article. The capital increase is carried out through a contribution in kind. The BAFICO BC is the contribution in kind. The BAFICO BC corresponds to the strict IAS (international accounting standards) and is therefore as to equity-settled.

It is considered to prevent appropriate countermeasure to a hostile takeover so-called poison pill (poison pill). This is performed preferably in the form of a capital increase under exclusion of subscription rights of existing shareholders/shareholders, which then transmitted the new shares/GmbH – shares to a “friendly” company or a “White Knight (White Knight)”. So can prevent the hostile takeover. There are only a few financiers who can represent the function of the “White Knight” at acceptable cost / want to. The function of the “White Knight” assume the required equity deployment can BAFICO.

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Tobias Schnellbacher

Due to maintenance costs even money and other costs, the property at that time, a new tenant should not quickly be found. Forest is a form of real estate with special benefits of the forest as a form of investment. As a very safe investment, forest differs significantly from the investment in residential and commercial real estate. , As is the case with rent, there is no consistent monthly revenue homebrew though, but impressive returns can be achieved with sufficient patience and conversion on the year by over 10%. By write-downs, it remains at spared the plant in forest in the difference to residential and commercial real estate.

Forest grows steadily and quietly to himself and is not hurt by economic crises. However, the actual preference is in the so-called natural compound interest. This is due to the exponential growth of the tree. A tree both the width and the height grows known. Per year increases the footprint to the ring a year. This is growing in all directions at the same time. As a result, the base of the tree from year to year to grow faster and faster.

The tree in the height grows in addition. The effect is thus once again reinforced by a factor of X. Over the years, the wood is always valuable. On the one hand, the yield cut through the thicker stem grows and on the other hand increasing the hard and precious solid wood over the years. The single cubic centimetre wood is so valuable, the boards are bigger. This caused a doubling in price only between the 20 and the 30 year neither gold,. still, the residential and commercial real estate or securities offer such an increase in value. This value is independent of the labour markets, currency crises, policy interventions, and bubbles in the stock market. If the crop falls once in a period of unfavorable market prices, you can simply leave the trees and grow them even further. Later the investor can enjoy then the particularly high prices the. These high prices are obtained by the tribes hitherto extremely large and hard. The teak trees grow, in contrast to gold over time to more gefragterenn goods. Price increases are very high down in recent years. Particularly positive the prohibitions for illegal timber from over-felling affect certified timber prices for FSC. Because these import restrictions and controls in the future will increase yet, can be expected here too with a price increase. Thats the value added in the system by tree growth but not mandatory, because as already described is immanent. Tobias Schnellbacher

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Total Loss At The HCI Of Ship Fund Shipping Select 25

48 million euro damages for HCI ship fund investors have lost around 1,000 private investors with the end of 2007 ranked HCI of ship Fund shipping select XXV. The Fund invested the money in four bulk carriers, the panamax bulker Voge prestige, Voge prosperity, Vogetrader and Vogevoyager. Because the ships without fixed Charter contracts drove the disastrous development in the world ship market in its entirety is noticeable. After approximately four years, the Fund was at the end, the investors have suffered a total loss. Compensation for investors due to wrong advice and prospectus errors we already represented numerous clients in the Fund of HCI shipping select XXV and have found that our clients in many ways before the investment decision were incorrectly advised.

More than one-fifth of the investor money for sales commissions: many investors was not communicated, that is alone “emission”, so the commissions paid for the sales of fund shares to 22.9% of investors capital including premium costs. Only 72% of the investor money flowed into the ships: many Investors was not communicated, that only 72% of to be of them equity incl. premium for the purchase of vessels flow. The rest was used for various service fees, interest and commissions. Ship funds as retirement not suitable: the investment in the Fund of the ship is a highly risky entrepreneurial participation, in which due to the high leverage is the risk of the total loss. Nevertheless, the participation of as retirement savings or investment in the age was recommended. Such participation is not appropriate according to the Bundesgerichtshof as pensions.

The Bank Manager had therefore not may recommend the Fund. Distributions were presented as a rate of return: the dividends that investors should receive regularly, were misleading way represented in the consultations as a return. That regular payments were partly a refund of previously invested equity, were we to the noted investors regularly nor The fact that liability for the fund company’s debts caused by these payouts.

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Walter Kramer

Quelle/(C) by…, author now some terms and calculations of the statistics: There are quantitative Hardfacts and quality soft facts features/variable. Quantitative characteristics and (measuring) values (metric, numbers) allow to add, multiply, and subtract. Qualitative characteristics allow a meaningful series of their expression: ordinal (order) or nominal (un-sinnige sorting). Growth rates or growth: An increase of 50 to 60 is 10 percentage points but 20%. An increase of 10 to 15 is 5 percentage points, but 50% at a base < 100 growth points < as the growth in % at a base > 100 is the growth in points > as the growth in % growth such as 0.6% percentage points (from 13% to 13.6%) corresponds to a growth rate of 0.6/13 = 0,046 = 4.6%. The difference will be less and less with smaller base. Increases, so does the price index for the maintenance of life from 110 to 120: 10% points 10/110 = 0.091 = 9.1%. The difference is increasing with increasing basis. Quelle/(C) by Prof. Walter Kramer: understand statistics ISBN 3-593-36149-3 statistics sample: the Gross domestic product GDP and economic growth (excerpt). The annual growth rate of GDP represents the Wirtschaftswachtum. To achieve economic growth, the GDP needs to be increased so. Because economic growth as something fundamentally important in our capitalist social order is considered, a similarly important role to calculate GDP. It involves economic quantity (growth, effectiveness: what?) and quality (development, efficiency: how?), so far as it affected the prices! The gross domestic product (GDP) represents all during the year in a country produced goods and services: valued at market prices (purchase and sales prices). A bought and sold (used) Chair has its corresponding GDP-money value. Home and work at home: Free performance a housewife/Hausmann and mother/father has no GDP monetary value, it is GDP worth going on! A bloated offices-‘Habitat’ (service contracts), despite huge and often useless salaries and pension effects, a huge GDP money equivalent! Informal economy: Two men who cut their hair each other free, do not affect the GDP! Also one from the insurance company paid, abortion increases our gross national product also helps the paid clearing of rain forests country BPI increase.

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Pearth Mint

Below, we want to enter on their opportunities and risks, and then more shed light on the in our opinion extremely attractive form of investment in forest. Gold gold has long been at the heart of the Interest. It is easy to carry, imperishable and available only in limited quantities. Due to its aesthetic values, it has conquered a special meaning this in almost all cultures for centuries. Considering the price of the gold price in the last 10 years, one notes that he greatly benefited from the “loose money politics ” of the major industrialized nations.

And attentive investors know that a such excessive money growth must eventually lead to the complete collapse. At such times, then other values as a medium of Exchange will be in demand. Already in the past, gold was used in the so-called “gold standard” as a basis for currencies. This function could return to him in the future. Expertenr advise therefore a certain percentage of assets (3 10%) to invest in gold. The physical gold is the paper gold in the form of certificates they are also leveraged to prefer. Paper is known only as secure as its editor.

We advise how physical gold into bullion with special imprints for example, the Troy of the company Haereus or Pearth Mint. Gold has also special disadvantages. The rise in the prices of gold based solely on demand for the precious metal and the belief is that the metal in the future will be worth more than in the present. In contrast to stocks, it pays no dividend out and “does not work” so. It produces also no added value at the end of the year, it pays no interest, as is the case with bonds and generates no profits in the form of rent, as it is common in real estate. Gold is the first choice for the pessimistic investors and thus also in the focus of the Treasury.

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